Erika is a swedish AOR singer. She has made five albums and had great succes, especially in Japan and Germany. “Together we´re lost” gave her a huge hit in Sweden 1990. She announced her retirement in 1999, but has continued to write songs for other artists.

Erika was ironacally married to Yngwie Malmsteen after he and I had gone out for a few years. She was a nice chick then and she is a good friend today. Lets put it this way…we have plenty to talk about ; )

I did her make up for this photo session I set up with photographer Robert Milovan. Below the pics is a video of her hit single “Together we´re lost”.

– Click pics to enlarge –



Video for “Together we’re lost”

One Response to “Erika”

  1. Tallee, I think that If Yngwie ever divorces April..the poor guy would be better off staying single.( I wonder if she’s a Taurus,or a control freak capricorn)
    trying to erase someone ‘s past is going too far in my book.


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