Hanson Brothers Hockey Club

Ice hockey for trouble makers, join Hanson Brothers!  Well according to this article they are bad news. So the language is crude and the hockey is violent… but outside the ice rink they are teddy bears, with family and cubs : )

The team is formed by guys in different rockbands. Most of these guys exchanged their guitar and bought a hockeystick or combine the lust of Metal and hockey. And some beacme successful in bands like Enter the hunt, Corroded and Rough Diamond.
Their goal is to reach the major league by the year 3000.

Here is my hubby, Matt, in action. Hanson Brothers vs Kista HC.
Photo by Stefan Kyrk

Hanson Brothers, Mattias Savage Wilmenius, Stefan Kyrk, Hockey, Defence, Goalie, Goaltender

— • —

Watch Matt making a glove save in slow-mo

Hanson Brothers Hockey Club, Mattias Savage Wilmenius, Mikael Rytterstam, Per Soläng

Mattias Savage, in goal  –    Per Soläng och Mikael Rytterstam in battle

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