Hardcore Superstar – Cover for “Beg for it”

Micke Johansson, THE Rock photographer, called me up and had an idea for Hardcore Superstars new album, BEG FOR IT. So I was all ear and was able to help. The idea was to have the ring, being Hardcores trademark here, on different parts of the body. The photo with the ring in my mouth did the trick. And this can be seen in the sleeve of the album. On front the cover you have my friend Tinas hand.

Hardcore Superstar is, incase you did not already know,  a great four-piece band from  Sweden. A little bit of sleaze rock and a little bit of trashmetal. That´s how they declare themselves. I just think this dudes have alot of energetic hard rocking tracks. I like them alot!

Tallee Savage, tounge, Hardcore Superstar

Always nice to get a Thank You on print, makes you feel appreciated : )

Hardcore Superstar
Vic Zino: Guitars • Martin Sandvik: Bass and Vocals • Jocke Berg: Vocals • Adde Andreasson: Drums

Adde (HCSS´s drummer) backstage at Sweden Rock festival.

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  1. Proves My Point…

    The debate was in fact resolved as soon as I found this article yesterday…


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