I love Purple

I have had a very special bond to this color for about 25 years now as I feel this is my color. Seriously… I see someone wearing a purple outfit and I think, “why is that person wearing my color”? Ha ha ha ha.  I just love the range of colors occurring between red and blue.

The word purple is from the old english word purpur which originates from the latin word purpura. The color is associated with royalty, spirituality and nobility in many cultures, because there was a time when only very wealthy people could afford it. It became an imperial color. Also it has a sacred place in nature; lavender, orchid, lilac and violet flowers are very precious. If you’re into Feng Shui though, use it sparingly since it is a high vibration color.

Now… some people have a disagreement over what is exactly the right shade to be described as PURPLE. Some people even have tried to have this argument with me… which is quite impossible, since I consider myself an expert on purple ; ) Of course there are also different sensitivities to red and blue light between people, causing more disagreement. We also have more precise terms such as heliotrope, violet, indigo. But I do sometimes hear people referring some pink tints or more burgundy tints to purple. I always have a comment on that.

Anyway, here are some photo sessions I have done with purple in the past. Oh, did I mention that Deep Purple is one of my favorite bands, besides Rainbow of course, and that amethyst is my favorite quartz (Crystal) in jewelry.

When I see purple I get enchanted and I feel happy. I like other colors, but no other color have had this effect on me for so so many years.

– Click pics to enlarge –

Purple Fairy, Tallee Savage, Jörgen Lundh


Purple Fairy, Tallee Savage, Jörgen Lundh

Photographer: Jörgen Lundh / Christian Rooswall –  Grapics: Mattias Wilmenius

Photographer: Christina Holm  – Graphics: Cindy Grundsten
Photographer: Christian Rooswall  –  Graphics: Mattias Wilmenius


Photographer: Jan Gunnar H  –  Graphics: Mattias Wilmenius

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    Love your pics. You looks amazing :)


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