Tommy Vitaly

My friend Tommy came to Sweden from Italy, with his lovely girlfriend Elena, to take som professional pictures for his new album. So I teamed up with JenHell to do the photoshoot and Mattias to do the graphics. Worked all day making great pictures and then we all felt we deserved a couple of cold beers. So we headed towards Club Rocks and did some serious party mingleling. After closing time we went to another rock club called Heavens gate, in the “fashionable” parts of Stockholm.

I would like for everyone to keep Tommy’s name in mind. He is a classical skillled guitar player. An awesome musician with masterly ability and technique. And mind you… he is an excellent piano player as well.

He playes with the italian power metal band “Seven Gates” and the duo “Vitaly”. And is now recording his own neo-classical/ power  metal Cd with guest mucisians like Rhino (Manowar), Tomas Wikström (Covered Call, Therion) amongst others.

To get an idea of his playing just listen to this – Jihhooooo schredding away!!!

Tommy Vitaly & Tallee Savave

My very good friend Tommy and I

Ann Stensson, Joachim Ljungh, Jompa Wilmenius

Ann, Jocke and Matt’s brother Jompa also joined us…

Tallee Savage & Mattias Savage

Matt and I

Jen and I at Club Rocks          –         Tommy and Helena at Heavens Gate

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