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Hardcore Superstar after show party at Harry B James

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After the Hardcore Superstar gig at Gröna Lund we met up with the band at Harry B James.

Adde (Hardcore superstar) and me at Harry B James
— • —

Vic Zino and my sis Amanda
— • —

Hardcore Superstar Adde, Mattias Savage Wilmenius

Matt & Adde
— • —

Funny costumes

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How about dressing up as a banana or a cinnamon bun? At Independent Kostym you can rent these halarious outfits for only 500 sek. The banana suit includes suitable tights and with the cinnamon bun you get a full body sock, slippers and a little hat (not the strawberry hat though).

These suits fit adults also.

Elizia cinnamon bun, costume, independent kostym

Elizia Savage

Banana Cinnamon Bun costume, Adina Elizia, Independent Kostym

Adina & Elizia Savage

Hardcore Superstar video shoot “Into Debauchery”

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Producer and director Jerker Josefsson called me and asked to help with some parts in the making of Harcore Superstars new video “Into Debauchery” from the new album “Beg for it”. He needed assistance with the make up as well as four girls to do the part of “evil clowns” dancing around the members onstage, bringing them down under, into debauchery. Three other girls, besides me, came to my mind. Amanda, Jenny and Petra. So I called them up and then we met at Independent kostym with the costumer and stylist Nicolas Richard to find the right clothes for all of us.

Another part I had in the video was smashing a guitar. You can watch both the video and my full lenght of smashing the guitar here below.

About the guitar smashing:
Well I got one shot at it, so it was important to do it thoroughly. I heard Vic, the guitarist, being worried and telling me that this would hurt my hands alot and in this case to just let go of the guitar as it hit the ground. Filled with adrenaline, I set my mind to totally thrash it. Adde the drummer, showed me that his hair on his arms had risen and commented that “this is the hottest thing he ever seen done to a guitar”  ; )

Hardcore Superstar, Into Debauchery, Savage Beauty Make Up, Video

Hardcore Superstar video direction

Producer and director Jerker Josefsson going through the scenes with Vic and me during the videoshoot
— • —

In action


Hardcore Superstar Video, Amanda Martinez, Into Debauchery, Evil Clown

My sister Amanda
— • —

Adde, Jocke and I
— • —

Hardcore Superstar, JenHell

Tallee, Nikki Wikked & Jerker Josefsson

Me & Nicki (Crucified Barbara)       –      Producer and director Jerker Josefsson
— • —

Hardcore Superstar trashed Gibson

Photos by: JenHell, Micke Johansson & Paola Axelle.

To my son Tim on his graduation day : )

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It was only yesterday that I held you in my arms and you were so little. And here you are today: A man, handsome, intelligent, funny, and graduating from high school.

Wasn’t it just the other day that we prepared your little backpack with the new pencil, eraser and ruler? Day of graduation seemed sooo far ahead. Yet… there is no way to slow down time… and here we are today. Fights over homework and all the difficult projects are over. And see, it was all worth it because look how you have turned out, incredibly bright. One chapter of your life has closed and another is about to begin. There will be times ahead when you will feel overwhelmed, but try not to give up. For nothing worth anything comes without hard work and sacrifices.

You have been my rock and my inspiration. And I want to say just how proud I am of you. So spread your wings and “seize the day”

Love you Tim


Fredrik, Tim, Tallee

Freddie, Tim and I
— • —

Mattias, Tim & Adina

Tim with Matt and little sis Adina
— • —

Graduation Party on a trailer

Tim, Zack, hat cake

Tim with cousin Zack
— • —

Tim, Tallee on back and little sissies Elizia & Adina

My little son with little sisters Adina & Elizia

Sweden Rock Festival 2009

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This festival is an annual rock/metal festival held in Sölvesborg, in southern Sweden. This year the festival had 35 300 visitors. It is a mix of all forms of hard rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, classic Rock to AOR.

This is my sixth year to attend SRF. And this year this hard rockin paradice has now extended to four full days of music.

Lots of bands. I had a packed schedule with lots of band on the “To see”  list.  Did not make all of them, though. Here are the ones I saw.

JOURNEY – Demon – Europe – H.E.A.T
Motörhead – OTR (Over The Rainbow) – UFO
Lita Ford – Candlemass – Crusified Barbara
Deathstars – Electric Boys

Other than this mingle and party, mingle and partyyyy .. yeah.

Cat, Deathstars, Mia, Crucified Barbara

Cat of Deathstars & Mia of Crucified Barbara

— • —

Some of the guys from H.E.A.T., Amanda, Daniel & Anna.   –    Jocke & Ann

— • —

Tallee Savage, Mattias Savage Wilmenius, Lotta Fischer, Mats Leven

Me & Matt   —   Lotta Fischer & Mats Leven

— • —

Me, Anders Johansson (Hammerfall) & Amanda.

— • —

Goofin’ with Daniel   —   Amanda, Bosse “Ramone” Johander

— • —

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