Sweden Rock Festival 2009

This festival is an annual rock/metal festival held in Sölvesborg, in southern Sweden. This year the festival had 35 300 visitors. It is a mix of all forms of hard rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, classic Rock to AOR.

This is my sixth year to attend SRF. And this year this hard rockin paradice has now extended to four full days of music.

Lots of bands. I had a packed schedule with lots of band on the “To see”  list.  Did not make all of them, though. Here are the ones I saw.

JOURNEY – Demon – Europe – H.E.A.T
Motörhead – OTR (Over The Rainbow) – UFO
Lita Ford – Candlemass – Crusified Barbara
Deathstars – Electric Boys

Other than this mingle and party, mingle and partyyyy .. yeah.

Cat, Deathstars, Mia, Crucified Barbara

Cat of Deathstars & Mia of Crucified Barbara

— • —

Some of the guys from H.E.A.T., Amanda, Daniel & Anna.   –    Jocke & Ann

— • —

Tallee Savage, Mattias Savage Wilmenius, Lotta Fischer, Mats Leven

Me & Matt   —   Lotta Fischer & Mats Leven

— • —

Me, Anders Johansson (Hammerfall) & Amanda.

— • —

Goofin’ with Daniel   —   Amanda, Bosse “Ramone” Johander

— • —

– Click pics to enlarge –

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