Huntington Beach, California

Every two years we go back home to Huntington Beach, California, for a couple of months. About H.B read more here

Beautiful and sunny. We can be there for a couple of months a year and be garanteed sun  :)

Besides visiting my lovely family we keep oureselves occupied with garage sales, swap-meets, surfing/boogiebording, sweet walks on the beautiful peer, rock concerts (this year Michael Schenker Group), great pizzas and parties at the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset strip, shopping on Melrose, working in the garden (look pic below), BBQs.

Yeah, yeah… ofcourse we do Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Raging waters, Soak City and so on… everytime the same procedure… well, you know, the kids wanna go.

Here are some pics of our activities.

Me, Kristi, cousin Robert, Lizzy, Tim, Adina and Matt at the Irvine Spectrum.
— • —

Cruising Mattias Savage Wilmenius

Home… Matt cruising.
— • —

Gardening, Huntington Beach

Four days of hard labour. Tim looks a little dejected.
We had to cut all these branches into little pieces to haul them away. Lots of patiance there.
— • —

Gussy, Tallee, Elizia and Pedro

My dear cousin Gussy       –        Elizia with Robert’s and Kristi’s baby Pedro.
— • —

Triceratops, T-rex, TIm, Adina & Elizia Savage

Got to love Dinosaurs. Here is a Triceratops at The Museum of natural history in L.A

The kids climbing a tree at La Brea Tar Pits – Read this, very interesting.
— • —

Michael Jackson, flowers at walk of fame, Hollywood

Michael Jackson’s death – 25 June 2009 –  Many people left flowers on Hollywood Blvd.
— • —

Tim Savage skateboarding

Tim skating away…. perfect pavement for skating and rollerblading… or like I do, rolleskating
— • —

Rosa and Auggie's house in Huntington Beach

My aunt Rosa’s and uncle Auggie’s home in Huntington Beach
— • —

My beautiful aunties, tia Corina, tia Lucia, tia Eliana and tia Rosa
— • —

Cupcakes, Adina & Elizia

My cousin Theresa is always making cupcakes with my girls…. yummy yummy… says my tummy tummy   :  )

Girls night out!
Sumi, Kristi, Carmen, me, Theresa and Terry in New Port Beach.
— • —

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  1. THERESA Says:

    All Great pics……..


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