Marcel Jacobs – Rest in peace, my friend

Marcel Jacobs, Rest in peaceI was in L.A when I received the tragic news of my friend Marcel Jacob. He took his own life after many years of personal and health issues he was battling from. I was in chock and very, very sad. It took me a couple of hours to think rational and start calling other close friends and Marcels sisters. What a horrific day for his family.

I met Marcel back in 1980. Yngwie introduced me to him. Since that day Marcel was always involved in my life, one way or the other. Both my exboyfriends have played with him for many years. And we just kept in touch over the years. Marcel was a self written guest on all my big occasions over the years. Birthdays, children’s baptisms, weddings, new years eves. So even if we did not speak everyday… he has always been there.

A quiet and gentle soul. A very bright and intelligent man with a huge passion for his work. The songs and memorys he left us to remember him by, his unique persona and the music he wrote.

I have many fond memories of Marcel. Here are a few;

Yngwie, Marcel and I used to go to the cinema three times a week in the 80’s. The scene was always the same. We liked the movie, but Marcel did not. Or we hated the movie and Marcel thought it was great. I would tell him that he was impossible. Today many years later I understand that Marcel needed more challenge. The movies we sometimes watched were below his intelligence. As Yngwie and I were lyric about this certain horror movie, Marcel would cross his arms and just said… “but why, I found it quite boring”. Thinking back today… he was right. But ofcourse, many times I think he just did it to piss Yngwie off.

On another occasion where he and his girlfriend, Madeleine, spent the night at my parent’s home and decided to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, both covered in a large white sheets with only little bit of their faces showing. Ofcourse my mom had the same idea and they bumped in to each other in the dark, and they all screamed hysterical and ran across the apartment. The rest of the house ofcourse woke up wondering what the hell was going on. We laughed about this so many times years after.

It is hard for me to believe that you are gone, Marcel. Hopefully you are in peace today. You will not be forgotten, my friend.

Love, Tallee

Marcel Jacobs, Tallee Savage

Marcel and I at my 40th birthday.

— • —

Marcel Jaocbs at rehearsal 1984

This pic is taken in the rehearsal studio, when he played with the group Power in 1984.
Something amused him very much, but I cant remember what today.

— • —

This pic is the first gig Yngwie and Marcel did back in, 28 august 1981. It was a club called Domino. On drums was Kjelle Ericsson. It was me and 25 other people in the audience. We understood and enjoyed : )

— • —

This is the fourth concert by Rising Force. October 16, 1981. It is in my little hometown Upplands Väsby. In a place called Centrumgården. Rising Force had just gotten a singer, Michael “Basil” Uppman and Yngwie could concentrate on the guitar. I remember Marcel being content, as the audience was close to 60 people.

— • —

Michael and Marcel looking at Yngwie… thinking…- What the hell is he doing now?

— • —

Gig nr 8 – 19 mars 1982 –  Also in Upplands Väsby, Grimstaskolan – Yngwie schredding and Marcel claping the beat.

— • —

Marcel, Jeff Scott Soto and Fredrik Åkesson – TALISMAN 1992

Some words about Marcel from Jeff Scott Soto here>>

— • —

Watch “Mysterious” from the album “Genesis” by TALISMAN

Marcel shredding!!!

5 Responses to “Marcel Jacobs – Rest in peace, my friend”

  1. Wonderful memories floating around… thanks for sharing dear… it was nice reading… ♥

    I miss him every single day, every single minute…



  2. Hola Tallee!!! I was the guy who use to run Marcel Jacob and Talisman websites … I really love your pictures and I am totally agree about your words and feelings … really is a shame all this but at least we can count with all his music. God Bless Marre!


    • Hello Simon!
      Nice to hear from you. I think of Marcel very often. I still have his number on my phone and feel like calling him up. Just to remind myself that he is no longer with us : ( His music and memories lives on for sure.


  3. Талли, очень приятно Вас читать. Извиняюсь, что пишу на русском языке, но к сожалению, на английском не сказать тех нежных и трогательных слов. Вы такая нежная и так тепло относитесь к своим старым друзьям, пусть даже с некоторыми и не удается общаться. Такую чистую душу и легкость тяжело сохранить, тем более среди музыкантов и творцов. Вы молодец! Марсель увековечил себя в музыке и останется в сердцах многих поклонников и близких людей. Вечная память.

    Немного о статье, для русскоязычных поклонников может быть не очень понятна фраза “But ofcourse, many times I think he just did it to piss Yngwie off.” Переводчик выдает результат как Ингви пошел в туалет…. а на самом-то деле фраза звучит совсем не так: “to piss off” – чтобы позлить, то есть получается – “Но конечно, я думала много раз, что он это делал только, чтобы позлить Ингви”.

    Талли, Еще раз спасибо за Ваш блог, от него исходит столько тепла и любви.


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