Partyin’ n’ stuff

Brian Robertson, Pub Anchor

Me, Leif Sundin, Brian Robertsson (Thin Lizzy) and my sister Amanda.
— • —

Tallee, Jompa, Matt & Amanda

Sisters and Brothers – Tallee, Jompa, Mattias and Amanda.
— • —

Mimmi and I

Mimmi and I.
— • —

Tallee, Lotta Fischer, Jompa & Jompa Levén

With Lotta Fischer.

Jompa W and Jompa L… Jompa B was also there, but at the bar.
— • —

Denander, Tallee & Erika

With Tommy Denander and Erika.
— • —

Mia & Mats Levén

Mia (Cruicified Barbara) Mats Levén and me.
— • —

Lotta, Michelle & Mano

Lotta and Michelle and me with Mano.
— • —

Mats Levén & Lotta Fischer

schhhh…don’t tell…     Mats Levén says to Lotta… Lotta says – I know noooothing!
— • —

Jocke, Matzon, Tallee

Jocke, me & Mattias at Rocks 7/3-09
— • —

Tallee, Chris Laney

Carin and me (I look very cunningly…hm).
Rock’n roll, Heavy metal´n stuff! (me and Chris Laney).
— • —

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