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25-30 years ago this was the place to hang out in our home town Upplands Väsby. We had one place to go and this was it. Now, this was not even a rock club, just a normal discoteque with disco music. Of course this was frustrating, being a rocker and having to listen to Alphaville,  Depeche Mode, Madonna and Wham. But if we were lucky they played one Van Halen song, “Jump”… Cheezuz. Anyway the hardrock scene was big in Upplands Väsby, so in lack of a rock club here, lots of rockers hung out at Zamora. Europe (called Force then), Rise, Moon and Yngwie hung there.

So Zamora has somewhat of a cult status and besides that lots of fun memories. Today they opened up and had a reunion there and us fabulous gals met again and walked down memory lane.

Anita, Maggie, me, Sia, Sabina and Anette.

— • —

Sabina, me and Maggie
Maggie lives in Hedemora so I have not met her in many years. She runs her Vintage and Second Hand store Himla Vintage there.

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Maarit and me. Wow… her I haven’t seen for decades.

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Mats Levéns Birthday bash

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Mats Levens birthday party

Restaurant Bröderna Olsson – Heavens Gate

Matt & Mats

This pic should be last. Because it is taken at Heavens Gate and that was the ending beer destination. But I am putting it first because it is Mats in it…and it is his birthday this day. This is Mats and Matt.

— • —

Hanna, Mandi, Tallee

Hanna, Amanda and me… just being normal I guess : b

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Ann-Marie, my friend and hair dresser and sweetie pie Camilla Wikner.

— • —

Jompa Hair

Jompa triyng on new hairstyles with Lotta, Ann-Marie and Mano.

— • —

The girls and a guy

eehhh Gollum and the gals…….(Camilla, me, Amanda and Lotta)

— • —

Amanda, me, Leif, Lotta Fisher

Amanda, me, Leif and Lotta Fischer.
Leif has been a friend since 1980. We grew up and went to school in the same town, Upplands Väsby. Founder and bassplayer of the band Candlemass.

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I had enough.. I want to go home now….

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Motorföraren – Swedish vehicle branch magazine

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Make up for the Swedish magazine Motorföraren (The Motorist).

Motorföraren, The Motorist

Model: Mathilde Frykhammar /Agency: Model One
Photo: Tobias Fischer
Make up: Tallee Savage,

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