Mats Levéns Birthday bash

Mats Levens birthday party

Restaurant Bröderna Olsson – Heavens Gate

Matt & Mats

This pic should be last. Because it is taken at Heavens Gate and that was the ending beer destination. But I am putting it first because it is Mats in it…and it is his birthday this day. This is Mats and Matt.

— • —

Hanna, Mandi, Tallee

Hanna, Amanda and me… just being normal I guess : b

— • —

Ann-Marie, my friend and hair dresser and sweetie pie Camilla Wikner.

— • —

Jompa Hair

Jompa triyng on new hairstyles with Lotta, Ann-Marie and Mano.

— • —

The girls and a guy

eehhh Gollum and the gals…….(Camilla, me, Amanda and Lotta)

— • —

Amanda, me, Leif, Lotta Fisher

Amanda, me, Leif and Lotta Fischer.
Leif has been a friend since 1980. We grew up and went to school in the same town, Upplands Väsby. Founder and bassplayer of the band Candlemass.

— • —

I had enough.. I want to go home now….

— • —

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