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Miscellaneaus Make up

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Miscellaneaus make up jobs I have done during September and October.

Sarah-Maria & Hillevi

A little bit of Emo on Sarah Maria – Photo: Robert Milovan      –       A little bit of Goth on Hillevi

— • —

Boel Lundh & Hanna Henrikson

Orange on Boel, Photo: Jörgen Lundh

Cabaret for Hanna Henrikson, Photo: Jörgen Lundh, Styling; Amanda Martinez

Decadence party of two

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Decadence Party of Two is a collaboration between photographers Alexandra Ekdahl and Frida Börjeson. They have just started their first larger project together and have gatehered a great mix of people of different skills.

Make up : Tallee Savage

Decadence party of two

Nicole Bieberbach & Rosetta

Decadence party of two

Decadence party of two

Models: Emelié Hubinette & Grete Anna Mathilde

Ganguro Gyaru

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Modell Patricia K had a crazy idea for a photo shoot she wanted me and photographer Peter Gaudiano to do. She wanted to be photograhped with the make up and styling of a “Ganguro Gyaru”. After a little bit of research it stood clear that this would mean lots of crazy make up and colors.

Ganguro apperared as a new faschion style in Japan in 1990. Black eye liner ink, false eyelashes, plastic gems is used. And the brightly coloured outfits complete the canguro look. The style is prevalent mostly by young woman. This is their attempt at individuality, self-expression, and freedom, in open defiance of school standards and regulations

Photographer Peter Gaudiano got into the mood and out came these pictures.

Ganguro Make Up

Ganguro Make Up

Feline Fatale

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Nothing odd about my dear sister Amanda wanting to have her make up as a cat. She is really a cat. Lithe and flexible as few. This is a sequel from our workshop with Jörgen and Boel Lundh. Amanda interprets the role of Felline Fatale. Inspiration from cat woman and the musical Cats.

Feline Fatale, cat make up, Savage Beauty Make up

These photos are from the same session as above but were manipulated by
talented graphic designer Cindy Grundsten.

Model & Styling: Amanda Martinez
Make up: Tallee Savage
Photo: Jörgen Lundh


I also did some work wih Cindy last year. Inspiration here was Charlie Chaplin in the movie THE GREAT DICTATOR. That movie was released in 1940 and there is a classic scene were Chaplin dances with “the” globe. You must see this metaphoric scene. It is wonderfull really…

Adina Savage

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An unbelievably gorgeous and wonderful girl, my daughter! Wearing the jacket that I wore myself when I was 14-16 years old. It has Rising Force written on one arm and a Rush crest on the other. Pictures are taken by Jörgen Lundh.

Adina Savage

Adina Savage

Adina Savage

Adina Savage

Tim in Chicago 1932

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I had an idea that I wanted my son Tim to do. I wanted him to get into the role of a classy fashionable gangster from the 1930’s in Chicago. So with the little help from some talented friends…Voilá!

I really thought they came out great. And this being Tims first model assignment. We placed them on a model site for grades and comments. And he made a succes with the pics. Read the comments, if you read swedish ofcourse. Top gradings :  )

Tim Savage

Tim Savage Chicago 1930s

I love all these pictures, specially this last one : )

We teamed up.

Model: Tim Savage Åkesson
Make up: me
Stylist: Amanda Martinez
Photographer: Jörgen Lundh
Graphics: Mattias Savage

Clothes can be found at Independent kostym

My new hair cut

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Friends of our’s Boel and Jörgen Lundh came to stay with us for a whole weekend for our first Workshop in Sollentuna. A very productive weekend I must say. I made a schedule that ran from morning ’til night that we all (photgrapher, Make up artist, stylist & models) had to follow slavic .

First out was my wig session. I never had short hair before. I always figured I would look weird. But it turnes out that it was not that bad at all : ) What do you think? OK?

– Click pics to enlarge –


Jörgen and Boel Lundh run their photo business called Studiomix, in Mariannelund, Småland.

Boel Lundh, Jörgen Lundh,

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