Ganguro Gyaru

Modell Patricia K had a crazy idea for a photo shoot she wanted me and photographer Peter Gaudiano to do. She wanted to be photograhped with the make up and styling of a “Ganguro Gyaru”. After a little bit of research it stood clear that this would mean lots of crazy make up and colors.

Ganguro apperared as a new faschion style in Japan in 1990. Black eye liner ink, false eyelashes, plastic gems is used. And the brightly coloured outfits complete the canguro look. The style is prevalent mostly by young woman. This is their attempt at individuality, self-expression, and freedom, in open defiance of school standards and regulations

Photographer Peter Gaudiano got into the mood and out came these pictures.

Ganguro Make Up

Ganguro Make Up

2 Responses to “Ganguro Gyaru”

  1. it isn’t ganguro, it is more manba but no nose stripe. She is beautifull and i love the glowing effect.


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