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Heeey… I like that name : )

I did the make up on this photo shoot that took place at the Vampire Lounge in Stockholm. Captured by JenHell.
Savage Gentlemen is: SULO (Diamond Dogs), Stevie Klasson (Johnny Thunders, Hanoi Rocks), Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper, Roxie 77, Casablanca)

Savage Gentlemen

— • —


I really like this picture of Sulo. The make up came out great on him.

SULO  has various solo projects besides being the lead singer of Diamond Dogs. Read more about Sulo here.

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Ryan Roxie

One pic from this session with Ryan Roxie will be published in a book about guitarists. Out this spring.

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Ryan Roxie, Savage Beauty make up

Making Ryan even prettier : )

Elizia 8 years old

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Our little sunshine Elizia turns 8 years old on the 27th of November.

Elizia Savage 8 yrs

Flavia helps Elizia to open her birthday presents.
Flavia Serrander (almost two), daughter of dear friends of mine, Carin & Niklas.

And me toghether with my darling nephew Eldin.

Jenny Hellström – Model & Photographer

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This is Jenny Hellström. She took pictures of me back in 2008. We found each other right away and have been very good friends ever since. She is smart, beautiful, funny and easy going.  A true friend. We engage in a lot of photo projects together, where I do the make up and she takes the pictures. Jen is an exellent photographer and graphic designer so take your time to go into her webbpage and check some of her stuff out.

Photgrapher : Göran Magnusson


JenHell Model


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More pictures taken by Göran Magnusson. yeah yeah yeah… no big deal… I am not completely naked ; )

A.I.K. Double Gold

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Best team in Sweden is A.I.K. We are talking ice-hockey and fotboll, or as americans persist on calling it, “soccer”. A couple of weeks ago they won the swedish championships and the Swedish Cup. Lots of happy supporters out there. So this pin up session, or what ever it might be called, is a tribute to A.I.K.

The song goes:

Vi ser hur solen stiger över Råsunda,
vi ser hur Hovets is e’ blank och klar.
Och bönderna dom gapar utav fasa,
och snutarna dom spejar och dom tar.
Vi ser dom svarta tröjorna i AIK,
vi vet att alla vägar bär oss rätt.


Photographer: Göran Magnusson stands neutral when it comes to sports, my husband Mattias however, was happy to do the graphic work on this though : )

——– • ———

Here is Mats Rubath and I…  happy happy happy. Mats is the technical left winger (though right footed) in AIK.
Info on Mats Rubarth

Daniel Tjernström – This picture was taken six years ago at the Dick Turpin Pub. “Tjerna” is the middle fielder.
He scored the winning goal in the final game against arch rival Gothenburg.
Info on Daniel Tjerström

Over the rainbow

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Over the Rainbow is reunited members of one of the most distinctive sounding bands of all time, RAINBOW, and introduces hidden treasure to the world in J.R Blackmore.

Being that Rainbow is my favorite band from all times, I was happy when Jürgen Blackmore wrote me and asked me if I wanted to work with them on the tour in Spain. It was just no hesitation. I did the make up for two gigs. One in Barcelona where they played in Razzmatazz II and then I flew with them to Bilbao at Rockstar Live. Two great gigs!

Over the Rainbow is:

Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow 1980-1984) – Vocals
Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow 1980-1983) – Drums
Greg Smith (Rainbow 1994-1997) – Bass
Paul Morris (Rainbow 1994-1997) – Keyboards
Jürgen “J.R” Blackmore – Guitar

Over the rainbow

Right before they hit the stage in Bilbao, Spain.

— • —

Before the gig in Bilbao. Joe Lynn Turner, me, and Jürgen Blackmore

— • —

Joe Lynn Turner & Jürgen Blackmore

— • —

Greg Smith – Paul Morris – Bobby Rondinelli

— • —

Over the Rainbow – Last gig of the tour – Bilbao, Spain.

— • —

I did the make up and this photo session with Jürgen Blackmore. Didn’t have too much time though as they were going on live soon.

Walking the streets of Bilbao with Jürgen and Bobbie Rondinelli. We were actually trying to find a supermarket here.

— • —

My sister Amanda came to join me for the gig in Bilbao : )

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