Over the rainbow

Over the Rainbow is reunited members of one of the most distinctive sounding bands of all time, RAINBOW, and introduces hidden treasure to the world in J.R Blackmore.

Being that Rainbow is my favorite band from all times, I was happy when Jürgen Blackmore wrote me and asked me if I wanted to work with them on the tour in Spain. It was just no hesitation. I did the make up for two gigs. One in Barcelona where they played in Razzmatazz II and then I flew with them to Bilbao at Rockstar Live. Two great gigs!

Over the Rainbow is:

Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow 1980-1984) – Vocals
Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow 1980-1983) – Drums
Greg Smith (Rainbow 1994-1997) – Bass
Paul Morris (Rainbow 1994-1997) – Keyboards
Jürgen “J.R” Blackmore – Guitar

Over the rainbow

Right before they hit the stage in Bilbao, Spain.

— • —

Before the gig in Bilbao. Joe Lynn Turner, me, and Jürgen Blackmore

— • —

Joe Lynn Turner & Jürgen Blackmore

— • —

Greg Smith – Paul Morris – Bobby Rondinelli

— • —

Over the Rainbow – Last gig of the tour – Bilbao, Spain.

— • —

I did the make up and this photo session with Jürgen Blackmore. Didn’t have too much time though as they were going on live soon.

Walking the streets of Bilbao with Jürgen and Bobbie Rondinelli. We were actually trying to find a supermarket here.

— • —

My sister Amanda came to join me for the gig in Bilbao : )

— • —


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