A.I.K. Double Gold

Best team in Sweden is A.I.K. We are talking ice-hockey and fotboll, or as americans persist on calling it, “soccer”. A couple of weeks ago they won the swedish championships and the Swedish Cup. Lots of happy supporters out there. So this pin up session, or what ever it might be called, is a tribute to A.I.K.

The song goes:

Vi ser hur solen stiger över Råsunda,
vi ser hur Hovets is e’ blank och klar.
Och bönderna dom gapar utav fasa,
och snutarna dom spejar och dom tar.
Vi ser dom svarta tröjorna i AIK,
vi vet att alla vägar bär oss rätt.


Photographer: Göran Magnusson stands neutral when it comes to sports, my husband Mattias however, was happy to do the graphic work on this though : )

——– • ———

Here is Mats Rubath and I…  happy happy happy. Mats is the technical left winger (though right footed) in AIK.
Info on Mats Rubarth

Daniel Tjernström – This picture was taken six years ago at the Dick Turpin Pub. “Tjerna” is the middle fielder.
He scored the winning goal in the final game against arch rival Gothenburg.
Info on Daniel Tjerström

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