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New Year 2009/2010

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Just a small gathering of good friends in our house : )

My Kitty… always so welcoming :)            Jen gets a welcome bite.

— • —

Jen, Ankan, Ann-Marie, Lotta and Little Cosmos in the middle.      Matt’s happy : )
Amanda checking out da party

— • —

Hanna dancing                                                       Helena & Malte

— • —

Ina, Jen and Leif

— • —

Jen, Mats and Lotta celebrating as the clock strikes twelve

What can we say? I guess we’re kinda cool. My son Tim and his friends left three different parties to finally join ours. And we danced to five o’clock in the morning.

— • —

No, Matt and I are not discussing politics. More likely singing a songs… and dancing : )

X-mas eve & Christmas day

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Our christmas are a little bit different than the regular Swede’s. Our is longer, we include larger family and more food : ) Christmas eve starts at my wonderful parents-in-laws Maj-Britt’s and Stig’s home in Tullinge. We eat lunch and watch Matt and his brother Jompa fight over their mommys home rolled meat balls. Noo, they are no children, they are close to 40, ha ha ha. After lunch we all sit down infront of the TV… half of us, doze off and the others watch the christmas special from Walt Disney Productions “From All of Us to All of You”.  This show is a holiday classic. If you are in Sweden you already know this ofcourse. How can you miss it…the show has ben broadcasting every christmas since 1959.

Karl-Bertil Jonssons Julafton

After the “Donald Duck” program we open our presents… in this family is very organized. One young puck passes out two gifts at the time and then we all watch patienly. Lots of presents have a rhyme on them too. I usually do but this, but these last past years I haven´t had the time.

One of the highlights of the evening is the a program I love watching on TV. “Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton”. Is a Swedish animated shortfilm were Tage Danielsson tells the tale of a modern Robin Hood who steals Christmas gifts from the wealthy to give to the poor people of Stockholm while working in a post office on Christmas eve. There is always  some controversy and a lot of critics arguing about the political view. But the tale shouldn´t be overanalyzed.


Adina, Tallee & Elizia

My Tweetie bird Adina and little Elizia, one happy little girl. Full of expectations

— • —

Maj-Britt & Stig, Hanna, Zack & Jompa

Matt’s parents Maj-Britt & Stig • Hanna, my siter-in- law with Zack and Jompa (bro-in-law) dozing away.

— • —

Christmas evening continues…

… after the show “Carl Bertil Jonssons Julafton” we hit the road home, and this year it was really something else. The snow, the beautiful snow. Everywhere these chrystal glowing flakes. Over the house tops, over the street… everywhere. The view is really like a postcard, and now everyone in my family is waiting for us to arrive from Matt’s parents.

As we open the door to our house the warmth of a crackeling fire from the logs in the fireplace is just overwhelming and so cozy.  I feel really happy. My big family, my mom, my step-dad and my other step dad, my two dear sisters with their family,  brother- and sister in-law, nephew, children. All these happy faces, and you know happy faces on childen really says it all.

The kitchen table with all the food is just unbelieviable. Everyone pitches in and makes one or two delicious courses. We do not stick to the traditional christmas food. For us that is not the most important thing. The most important is for food to be wonderfully delicious and that there are enough for three days to come.  Out of 17 people, only 7 eat meat. But we respect that.  I am happy to say that most of our food is vegetarian. And NO… we do not do pickled pig’s feet dried codfish… eewweyyy

It’s tradition for us to open presents in the morning of Christmas day, on the 25th. We have always had this tradition. So in Sweden “Jultomten” (Santa Claus) visits on the evening before Christmas day, pulling a big bag of julklappar (christmas presents) in the deep snow. The american Santa has the habit of filling socks or stockings the night of December 24th. He flies with his eight reindeer and enters the houses through chimney (or in California sometimes he rides in on a surf board ; )

Our chilean “viejo pascuero” resembles Santa Claus and likewise comes drawn by reindeer. However, as chimneys are not as common as in the U.S he settles on climbing through a window. In the morning presents are already under the christmas tree, and we open them while eating porridge, “Lusse buns“, spiced with saffron, and ofcourse “Pan the pasqua“, a bread filled with candies fruit.

Every year we say the same thing… we did not take enough photos : ( Same thing this year. But one little chipmunk was specially in center of everyones attention this year. My nephew Eldin. This was his first christmas and so ofcourse he received the most and biggest presents. Such sweet an adorable baby.

Tomorrow is my sister Amandas birthday….she is catching up with me, he he he he…

Cuddling with Eldin

Everybody wants to play with little Eldin.
Here’s me, Adina and my sister Amanda cuddling with him.

Alice Cooper in Västerås, Sweden

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Matt and I drove to Västerås to meet up with Keri Kelli. We decided to get there early and show up at the in-store appearance where they were signing albums. It was him and Chuck Garric from Alice Cooper, Conny Bloom and Andy Christell from Electric Boys and Ryan Roxie & Anton Körberg from Roxie 77.

When they were done we took Keri to a restaurant to eat,  have a couple of beers before the gig and catch up on the latest.

I have been friends with Keri ever since 1988. I was living in Huntington Beach and so was Keri. We used to hang out with mutual friends. He was only 16 but a talented guitar player even back then. Over the years he has been in several bands; Slash’s Snakepit (Also featuring Slash from Guns N Roses), Skid Row, Vince Neil Band, Ratt, Warrant, L.A. Guns, Pretty Boy Floyd, Adler’s Appetite, Dad’s Porno Mag, The Newlydeads, Love/Hate, Saints of the Underground, Phucket, Alice Cooper & Liberty & Justice.

A very good friend and a total sweetheart. On his webbpage you can find out more about him. Keri has also just opened “Aces & Ales” restaurant and craft beer bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. So that should be a killer place to visit : D

Keri & Tallee

Keri & Tallee

Keri Kelli, Chuck Garret, Andy Christell, Conny Bloom

Chuck and Keri signing away… along with Andy & Conny of Electric Boys

Mattias Savage Wilmenius, Keri Kelli, Tallee Savage

Here’s a guy that does not need any further introduction… Mr Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper


Alice Cooper


Keri Kelli

Keri Kelli


Tallee Savage, JenHell

Waiting for Keri to take a shower and come down and say hi after the show.
We had a long drive back to Stockholm.


Electric Boys in Västerås

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I saw Electric Boys in the beginning of the 90’s. Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride was a big succes. They split up for several years, Conny and Andy joined Hanoi Rocks. But now they reunited the band with all original members and I am glad to see these boys back toghether again.

Conny Bloom, Electric Boys

Conny Bloom

— • —

Andy Christell, Electric Boys

Andy Christell

— • —

Conny Bloom, Andy Christell, Electric Boys, Tallee Savage Photo

Black Metal Babe

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Glamour meets Black Metal….ehh, wouldn´t think so. Two extreme genres that does NOT mix at all.
Itsy Bitsy Spider is in the pictures too… did you find him?

– Click the pics to enlarge –

Black Metal

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During the 80’s the first wave of Black Metal referring bands like Venom and Bathory took place. The type of music and image was taken one step further in Norway and it was here that the genre became distinct, with the music and corpse paint as a characteristic element.  The music has not gotten the best of reputations because of its antichristian lyrics and ideology.

We gathered inspiration from this controversial genre and decided to see it from a theatrical perspective.

I was introduced to the group Behemoth by a friend and got enthusiastic about their visual image in both videos and pics and decided to do a session in the same spirit.

We had so much fun taking these photos and we all really worked our asses off. I, Tallee, did the makeup, Amanda Martinez the styling with clothes from Independent Kostym, Jörgen Lundh immortalized the occasion and Mattias Savage put on the final touch with his graphic designer skills.

– Click pics to enlarge –

Black Metal, Corpse Paint, Tallee Savage, Mattias Savage WIlmenius

Black Metal, Corpse Paint, Tallee Savage, Mattias Savage WIlmenius, Skull

Black Metal, Corpse Paint, Tallee Savage, Mattias Savage WIlmenius

Black Metal, Corpse Paint, Tallee Savage, Mattias Savage WIlmenius

Black Metal, Corpse Paint, Tallee Savage, Mattias Savage WIlmenius, apocalypse

Black Metal, Corpse Paint, Tallee Savage, Mattias Savage WIlmenius

Black Metal, Corpse Paint, Tallee Savage, Mattias Savage WIlmenius

Black Metal, Corpse Paint, Tallee Savage, Mattias Savage WIlmenius

Black Metal, Corpse Paint, Savage Beauty Make Up, Mattias Savage WIlmenius

Black Metal, Savage Beauty

——————-  •  ——————–

And here below some behind the scene shots. See, we are not that dangerous

Corpse Paint, Mattias Savage Wilmenius, Savage Beauty Make up, Black MetalTrashing the Black Metal make up… came out pretty nice also.
In the picture: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

Sinful Swimwear by Affliction

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A photsession made by Göran Magnusson with graphics from Mattias Savage.

Sinful Bikini, Affliction

Sinful bikini, Affliction

Sinful Bikini, Affliction

Sinful Bikini, Affliction

Sinful, Affliction, Bikini, swimwear

——————–  •  ———————


Mattias Savage WIlmenius assisting photographer

Matt assisting and obeserving and Göran M in action… Thank you for the assistance, honey.

— • —

Some raw,  unedited pics from the session.

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