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Treat – Coup de Grace

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After a thirteen year long break Treat are back to seduce everyone with awesome melodies and catchy kick ass sing-along rock´n´roll songs. The singel “ROAR” is already out and the album “Coup de Grace” is due on March 19 in Europe and April 6 in the U.S via Universal Music AB/Frontiers. From what I heard on the Audio samples, It´s a hit!

Treat, Coup de Grace, new single, Roar

Responsible for the make up or should I say bruices, cuts, bloody wounds, would be me.
Stylist on this event is Amanda Martinez. Wardrobe: Independent Kostym.
Models on the album cover: Tallee Savage and Amanda Martinez
Photographer:  Steff Granström & Artwork by Anders Fästader, TMP -Trailermade Production

Treat is:
Anders Wikström (guitars and backing vocals)
Robert Ernlund (lead vocals)
Jamie Borger (drums)
Nalle Påhlsson (bass and backing vocals)
Patrick Appelgren (keyboards/guitar and backing vocals)

For more information, visit

Treat Coup-de-grace

“Coup de Grace” track listing:

1 Prelude – Coup de Grace • 2 The War Is Over • 3 All In • 4 Paper Tiger • 5 Roar
6 A Life To Die For • 7 Tangled Up • 8 Skies of Mongolia • 9 Heaven Can Wait • 10 I’m Not Runnin’
11 No Way Without You • 12 We Own The Night • 13 All For Love • 14 Breathless

— • —

Jamie Borger, Patrick Appelgren, Treat, Coup de Grace

Jamie Borger & Patrick Appelgren

— • —

Nalley Påhlsson, Anders Wikström, Robert Englund, Treat, Coup de Grace

Nalle Påhlsson, Anders Wikström & Robert Ernlund

— • —

Treat, Coup de Grace, inside

Valkyrie Corsets

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Geraldine Geoghan is a professional corset designer based in Brighton. She runs her company Valkyrie Corsets and specializes in burlesque corsets and supplies to some of the best boutiques in London.

Geraldine was here in Sweden to work with photographer Tobias Fischer to get some pictures of her latest work. I did the make up on the models Osannda Hall and Johanna Jansson

Contact Geraldine >>

Valkyrie Corsettes, Osannda, Tobias FischerValkyrie Corsettes, Johanna Jansson, Tobias Fischer


Valkyrie Corsets, Osannda, Tobias Fischer

Valkyrie Corsets, Osannda, Tobias Fischer


Valkyrie Corsets, Johanna & Osannda, Tobias FischerValkyrie Corsets, Johanna & Osannda, Tobias Fischer


Valkyrie Corsets, Johanna & Osannda, Tobias FischerValkyrie Corsets, Johanna & Osannda, Tobias Fischer••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Models: Osannda Hall & Johanna Jansson
Corset designer:  Geraldine Geoghan
Photo: Tobias Fischer
Make up: Tallee Savage

– Here is more of Geraldindes work –

Valkyrie Corsets

Vintage Gothic (featuring Harper the cat)

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I heard rumours about Harper the cat being somewhat of a ladies man. What an adorable kitty with extraordinary personality. He loved my long finger nails, and was nice enough to pose with me when photographer CJ Bartis took the pics.

– Click pics to enlarge –

Harper The Cat, Tallee Savage, Chris Bartis Harper The Cat, Tallee Savage, Chris Bartis


Tallee Savage, Harper The Cat, CJ Bartis Tallee Savage, Harper The Cat, CJ Bartis



I love cats and their attitude, the mystique and myth around them. The domestication of the cat is believed to have taken place later than that of others animals, maybe that is the reason a cat has retained it’s independent attitude. I love all animals but few have inspired me as much as cats. Growing up in Chile I always had animals like cats, dogs, chickens and lizards around me.

But the mystery surrounding the cat has always enchanted me. I also find it interesting that different societies at different times reviled cats as an instrument of Satan or feared as part of magical or occult rites. Traces of these beliefs persist in everyday superstitions and imagery. This brings even more mystique to them.

Sphynx cat

Not even the naked sphynx cat would have worked. Since the mites are mostly in the skin.

I was devastated to find out that I had asthma at the age of eighteen. Just like that! Out of nowhere… I found myself out of breath in early mornings and would cough constantly, so called nocturnal asthma. Thinking this was a regular cold, I ignored it for months. A final visit to the doctor left me in absolute chock. I could not believe this was true. Asthma? Say what?… Not me? I told my cat Mozart not to worry. That the doctor-dude was wrong. After another six months of wheezing I gave up. The godforsaken, 420 micrometers in length and 250 micrometres in width, mites in the kittys skin & hair were making my life hell. I was crushed to see Mozart pack his little suitcase and move to my mom’s house.

So… I left a life of cuddly warm-blooded animals, feeling very depressed and sorry for myself. Little did I know how much joy cold blooded animals would bring to my life. I will tell the story of our Iguana Fafne some other day.

I will always have a hole in my life without these beautiful creatures. But at least I can still cuddle and stay with them for a few hours without getting asthma.

– Here are some pictures of the cats in my life. –

Yngwie and Lizzy the cat

(Left) Lizzy with her Mon Chi-Chi hat. Lizzy moved with me and Yngwie to the U.S.A in 1983. And check this out, she was inside the plane in a seat next to us. I guess those were times when allergies were not as common as today, at least no one talked about it like you do these days. Lizzy’s mom was a persian cat and dad was a celtic shorthair (= bondkatt).

(Right) I took this photo of Yngwie and Lizzy when we were living in (the not so good parts of) Hollywood back in 1983. Later on we got Lizzy a friend and called him Bach.

— • —

Margarita the cat

This is Margarita in 1984. My family had her for 14 years.

— • —

Mozart the cat

Talk about personality. Mozart was a wonderful and an odd cat. No doubt he suffered from ADHD. He had all the symptoms, like being easily distracted, frequently switching from one activity to another, wouldn’t listen when spoken to, constantly in motion. All those things. He was born august 10, 1986 and past away April 22, 2002 – 17 years old. He lived most of his time with my mom, since my asthma got worse.

I sent this photo to a contest that Findus had and it was one of the 10 winners out of 700 competitors. The price was to get this photo published in the magazine Cats along with 20 big cans of cat food : )


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I did this job back in September for the swedish group Nordman’s new album Korsväg (Crossroad). Realeased 2010.

Nordman, Korsväg

Nordman was founded in 1993 and mixes folk music with rock and pop. Korsväg (Crossroad) will be their ninth album to this date.
Nordman, Korsväg

Nordman, Korsväg

Nordman, Håkan Hemlin, Mats Wester

– Håkan Hemlin & Mats Wester –

— • —

Nordman & Håkan Hemlin: vocals & Mats Wester: keyed fiddle)
Photo: Steff Granström
Art work: A Trailermade Production
Wardrobe: Amanda Martinez / Independent Kostym
Make up: Tallee Savage

— • —


Nordman Relase party invitation, Jake Samuel

The release party was on January 22nd at the fashionable Le Bon Palais in Stockholm. I did not take so many pics there. Just one of “always so happy” Jake Samuel from The Poodles.


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Max Power, Blackrose, Jeff Davis, Captain P, BC Skulls

I did the make up for this photoshoot with Swedish rockgroup Killer Smile.

They are from Stockholm and have been around since 2004. You can check them out on Myspace.

Max Power, Blackrose, Jeff Davis, Captain P, BC Skulls, Killer Smile

Captain P – vocals
Blackrose – guitar
Max Power- bass
Jeff Davis – drums
BC Skulls – guitar

Killer Smile, Captain P

Captain P on vocals

Art and Graphics by: Mattias Savage Wilmenius
Photo: Patrick Forsgren

Elizia introducing an AIK hockey game

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Elizia Savage, AIK Team 01

The new player pic for season 09/10

— • —

My daughter Elizia had the honor of introducing the big boys of A.I.K at the legendary Johanneshov Ice stadium. Notice how cute she is as the spotlight follows her around in the huge arena.

— • —

Elizia and her team is helping to gather the pucks after warm-up.

Casablanca – Downtown

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Casablanca is referred to the new “supergroup” in Sweden, according to this article in Expressen (Swedish newspaper). So we will definitely be hearing more from them. More about Casablanca on their MySpace.

Mats Rubath (famous from fotboll team A.I.K)
Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper, Roxie77)
Erik Stenemo (Melody Club)
Josefin Forsman (Sara Hotnights)
Anders Ljung (Space Age Baby Jane)

— • —

JenHell photoLisa at the set of the video shoot, she made a small appearence in the video wearing my make up.

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