I did this job back in September for the swedish group Nordman’s new album Korsväg (Crossroad). Realeased 2010.

Nordman, Korsväg

Nordman was founded in 1993 and mixes folk music with rock and pop. Korsväg (Crossroad) will be their ninth album to this date.
Nordman, Korsväg

Nordman, Korsväg

Nordman, Håkan Hemlin, Mats Wester

– Håkan Hemlin & Mats Wester –

— • —

Nordman & Håkan Hemlin: vocals & Mats Wester: keyed fiddle)
Photo: Steff Granström
Art work: A Trailermade Production
Wardrobe: Amanda Martinez / Independent Kostym
Make up: Tallee Savage

— • —


Nordman Relase party invitation, Jake Samuel

The release party was on January 22nd at the fashionable Le Bon Palais in Stockholm. I did not take so many pics there. Just one of “always so happy” Jake Samuel from The Poodles.

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