Vintage Gothic (featuring Harper the cat)

I heard rumours about Harper the cat being somewhat of a ladies man. What an adorable kitty with extraordinary personality. He loved my long finger nails, and was nice enough to pose with me when photographer CJ Bartis took the pics.

– Click pics to enlarge –

Harper The Cat, Tallee Savage, Chris Bartis Harper The Cat, Tallee Savage, Chris Bartis


Tallee Savage, Harper The Cat, CJ Bartis Tallee Savage, Harper The Cat, CJ Bartis



I love cats and their attitude, the mystique and myth around them. The domestication of the cat is believed to have taken place later than that of others animals, maybe that is the reason a cat has retained it’s independent attitude. I love all animals but few have inspired me as much as cats. Growing up in Chile I always had animals like cats, dogs, chickens and lizards around me.

But the mystery surrounding the cat has always enchanted me. I also find it interesting that different societies at different times reviled cats as an instrument of Satan or feared as part of magical or occult rites. Traces of these beliefs persist in everyday superstitions and imagery. This brings even more mystique to them.

Sphynx cat

Not even the naked sphynx cat would have worked. Since the mites are mostly in the skin.

I was devastated to find out that I had asthma at the age of eighteen. Just like that! Out of nowhere… I found myself out of breath in early mornings and would cough constantly, so called nocturnal asthma. Thinking this was a regular cold, I ignored it for months. A final visit to the doctor left me in absolute chock. I could not believe this was true. Asthma? Say what?… Not me? I told my cat Mozart not to worry. That the doctor-dude was wrong. After another six months of wheezing I gave up. The godforsaken, 420 micrometers in length and 250 micrometres in width, mites in the kittys skin & hair were making my life hell. I was crushed to see Mozart pack his little suitcase and move to my mom’s house.

So… I left a life of cuddly warm-blooded animals, feeling very depressed and sorry for myself. Little did I know how much joy cold blooded animals would bring to my life. I will tell the story of our Iguana Fafne some other day.

I will always have a hole in my life without these beautiful creatures. But at least I can still cuddle and stay with them for a few hours without getting asthma.

– Here are some pictures of the cats in my life. –

Yngwie and Lizzy the cat

(Left) Lizzy with her Mon Chi-Chi hat. Lizzy moved with me and Yngwie to the U.S.A in 1983. And check this out, she was inside the plane in a seat next to us. I guess those were times when allergies were not as common as today, at least no one talked about it like you do these days. Lizzy’s mom was a persian cat and dad was a celtic shorthair (= bondkatt).

(Right) I took this photo of Yngwie and Lizzy when we were living in (the not so good parts of) Hollywood back in 1983. Later on we got Lizzy a friend and called him Bach.

— • —

Margarita the cat

This is Margarita in 1984. My family had her for 14 years.

— • —

Mozart the cat

Talk about personality. Mozart was a wonderful and an odd cat. No doubt he suffered from ADHD. He had all the symptoms, like being easily distracted, frequently switching from one activity to another, wouldn’t listen when spoken to, constantly in motion. All those things. He was born august 10, 1986 and past away April 22, 2002 – 17 years old. He lived most of his time with my mom, since my asthma got worse.

I sent this photo to a contest that Findus had and it was one of the 10 winners out of 700 competitors. The price was to get this photo published in the magazine Cats along with 20 big cans of cat food : )

6 Responses to “Vintage Gothic (featuring Harper the cat)”

  1. WOW! I love cats so much too!
    Lizzy was so beautiful.

    I love all animals, but cats have a special place in my soul.
    They are silent and misterious creatures, but soft and sweet at the same time.

    ah, the shots are great Tallee…;)



  2. Jag tycker att den fotosessionen är jättesnygg verkligen!!

    Fina missar allihop…vad trist det måste vara att vara allergisk. Jag har haft sån oerhörd glädje av mina katter (o förstås alla mina andra pälsdjur jag haft under åren)


  3. Thank you guys : )


  4. Thanks from me and Harper too! :-)


  5. omg I love cats toooo I almost cried with this post :(

    there r so many stupid ppl in th world that treat all kind of animals bad =(


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