The Wolfman

I had an encounter with a werewolf. Seriously… I was 11 and I was travelling with my dad and his girlfriend in a RV outside San Francisco, when I saw a werewolf through the window. This has been so real and true for me for many years. Today as an adult I realize that “maybe”  this must have been a dream. But until this day I wonder how it is possible that it felt so real? Because I am still scared of werewolfs. The full moon both intrigues and gives me the chills.

Today Matt, Leppo, Amanda and I went to the movies to see the horror movie The Wolfman. The movie is a remake from the classic film “The Wolfman” from 1941.

Directed by Joe Johnston. Starring Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emely Blunt, Hugo Weaving and Geraldine Chaplin. The performances were absolutely great. I didn´t expect less from these awesome actors.

In short, Actor Lawrence Talbot (Benicia del Toro) returns to his old home to investigate his brother’s disapearence. His father (Anthony Hopkins), content to have him back, reveals eventually the news that the missig brother is dead. A thoroughly mangled body was found.  Lawrence gives his brother’s fiancée Gwen (Emely Blunt) a promise to find who had done this. In the chase he gets attacked and bitten in the neck by a werewolf. This is about all I want to reveal… if you want more… go see it. It is worth the money indeed.

Old Wolfman

New Wolfman

I really liked the movie. I am a sucker for costume movies in general. The setttings and environment was really fantastic. The old 19th century buildings and the dark scary and foggy woods. Atmosphere is eye-candy accross the whole movie. Just beautifully created.

Of course the Wolfman is a violent savage and there is a bunch of gore  and blood with imaginative ways for a werewolf to maim his victims. But this horror movie did the job and kept at least me under suspense.

Negative would be that the werewolf fully tranformed sometimes looks more cuddly than scary. But I suppose this was to make him look like the original movie. Also this is not a complicated brain twister story. Not even close to “Silence of a lamb” if you will. Just  relax, enjoy and leave you mind at home.

I give the movie 4/5 “Little Savages”. The actors and fantastic scenery did it all for me!

3 Responses to “The Wolfman”

  1. Bra filmtips! Kul att du har en blogg nu Tallee!
    sv: Allt är bara bra med mig. Försöker komma igen efter en tids sjukskrivning, så har inte plåtat på jättelänge och saknar det… Jag har inga barn. Funderar däremot på att skaffa katt :)

    Hur är det med dig annars? Kram


    • Hej Anneli! Hoppas du mår bättre snart. Katt låter underbart. Jag vill ha tre… men jag är allergisk : (
      Allt bara bra här. Full rulle hela tiden. Tack för att du tar dig tid att läsa/titta i min blogg. Kram Tallee


  2. Hi darlin!
    I saw that movie too the past week.
    I agree with u.
    The atmosphere is great. There is a great photography in the movie.
    The story is very “simple” and the movie is “easy,…….but I like it.
    I did really enjoy the Hopkins interpretation….

    beware of the fullmoon ;)



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