TOKIO HOTEL – Live in Stockholm

I just came home with my daughter Adina from a concert with Tokio Hotel at the Globe Arena.

These young lads have been playing together for nearly a decade now, Today still as teenagers they have sold millions of cd’s in their native country Germany alone.

Adina's invitation and cake for her Tokio Hotel themed birthday party in 2008 and Bill Kaulitz, singer of Tokio Hotel

The group was discovered by music producer Peter Hoffmann. He developed a successful plan and now the group is a huge business rollercoaster, that does not seem to have an ending. So what do we have here? They don’t write the songs themselves and the singer, has not got the best voice in “da biz”. A simple mayfly? Could be… but they have been together and succesful for quite some time now.

Who knows what the future has in store for these boys. For now, they are having a bunch of fun and they are under contract with (Interscope Records) Universal Music Group and they have developed a humungus marketing plan. Bill Kaulitz (the singer) has obtained an international rock icon status among teenage girls with his androgynous appearance and make up style. He was also chosen by fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld to take part in a photo shoot in the magazine Vouge. Would I like to do Bill Kaulitz make up? Sure I would. I think all men should wear make up, by the way : )

Bill Kaulitz with his different hair styles... 2008, 2009 and 2010

Anyway, my daughter Adina introduced me to their music back in 2007. Let me rephrase that… I was forced to wake up, shower, eat, watch TV, drive my car and sleep with the songs from Tokio Hotel to the point where it almost drove me crazy. Same songs over and over again. First in german, “Schrei”, and then in english, “Scream”. She wallpapered her bedroom with Tokio Hotel and Bill Kaulitz posters. Got a school bag with Tokio Hotel printed on it and just would not stop talking about the the band. Below you can see pictures from her emo-period. But.. you know what?.. I never complained once… I’d rather listen to Tokio Hotel than all that Beyonce or typical boy-group pop crap that is out there.

Adina during the photo shoot for the invitations to her 11th birthday party.

Yesterday, she finally got to see them live! Well, what can I say?  First of all, I was much older than everyone else. Not surprising, since the age range was between 10-16 years old. 6000 girls screaming their lungs out. There was no opening act and the guitarplayer did not play one guitar solo… Weird! Unfortunately  the concert did not do it for me, really… Sorry! The songs are not that strong and Bill’s voice is not happening. But the singer is enormously charismatic with a very cool stage presence. But the most fascinating and spectacular thing about it was the singer’s many different outfits. One after another with extravagant design… that could be something taken from the Andromeda galaxy. Unfortunately this band remains directed to the “little people”.

But Adina was happy and so were all the other thousands of kids and that makes me happy. So that was that that : )

5 Responses to “TOKIO HOTEL – Live in Stockholm”

  1. adiina!♥ Says:

    den var jättebra! :)♥


  2. Thats a sweet story =) I dont think i have ever heard their music either… glad your daughter enjoyed the show, i bet shes so happy now, having seen the band that she loves? hehe xxx puss


  3. Anonymous Says:



  4. That’s a very cool costume Bill is wearing on the catwalk but…. omg!!…He is starting to look like Victoria Beckham!?!


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