If you never heard Kamchatka… Do it, Do it, Do it…Do it now!

Kamchatka - Volume IIIThis amazing trio simply blew me away by pumping life into the heart of  blues, rock and Jazz lines.

Kamchatka features three brilliant musicians in the form of Roger Öjersson on vocals and bass, Thomas Andersson on guitar and vocals and Tobias Strandvik on drums. They grew up in Varberg, a small town on the west of Sweden and have been together since 2002. New and fresh but sounding like they have landed from 1973. Grooving and convincing!

Influences are to name a few Jeff Buckley, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughn. But I can hint a little Deep Purple. Vocals hits some Glen Hughes nerves there and that is no shame as Glen is at least one of my absolute favorite singers of all times.

I have just listened to their third album “Kamchatka volume III ” . This disc has groove, soul, catchy lyrics and melody lines and the songs are flat-out heavy.  Brilliant musicians all the way!

This is perfect harmonization for my ears. After 30 seconds of the first song I just knew I would love this. And it is truly the best album I have heard in a long time. There is a number of elements that make this so damn compelling. But I will leave you with a MySpace link so that you can have a listen to some songs. Then do what I did and buy the record. It is worth every penny or “öre”. And enjoy this well crafted magnificent heavy blues tunes with the strength to swing the earth.

I can´t wait to see them live. I can only imagine that would be their true element which brings the music even higher.

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Kamchatka Band

Kamchatka is:
Roger Öjersson • Thomas Andersson • Tobias Strandvik
Photo by Chris Green

Here are some places you can purchase the album

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One Response to “Kamchatka”

  1. Kamchatka was the first band to play at a show in the Netherlands. Saw only two songs because we were late. Back home I ordered all three albums immediately. Fantastic stuff!!!


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