TREAT release party – Coup de Grace

Treat coup-de-grace

Remember songs like “Get you on the run” “Too wild”, “Ride me high”, “World of promises”? Eighteen years since their last studio album (yes.. on vinyl) and you can now add new great songs to the list. The whole new album “COUP DE GRACE” is an explosion of melodic rock sing-along-songs. Catchy happy chorus lines. My favorite songs are “Papertiger”, “Roar” & “Breathless” (I really like the guitar solo on this song).

Yesterday we had an invitation to Treat’s release party. Of course me and my sister Amanda felt extra proud to be there. Being on the album cover and all. And not only that, we found or little figures on a lovely little pin, being sold in the merch stand. Of course we had to get a couple of those. But most of all I was happy to be part of the team contributing to the outcome of the look on a great CD, as the make up and the wardrobe were very essential part of the image on this album.

Coup de Grace release party

The event took place at the restaurant TYROL. This place has a rustic decor with Bavarian elements incorporated in the ambience. Really nice! The band hit the stage to indulge us with the new material. Great happy attitude on stage. Fine tight musical ensemble. You could see that TREAT were enjoying themselves and so were all the guests. It really felt like a school reunion. Lots of friends that I have not seen for a while all gathered together to party and give ourselves a TREAT.

To listen to some samples of “Coupe the Grace” and read more about the bands thoughts and comments, or see their tour schedule: Go into MySpace


Amanda, Anders Wikström (Treat) and me   –   Amanda & Anders “Nippe” Fästader (Trailermade Productions)

— • —

The cool, beautiful and talented Mia and Nicki of Crucified Barbara

— • —

Dear friends Hanna & Lotta   –  Mattias and his “Tallee-ban”   –   Jompa, just being Jompa & Hanna

— • —

Click on the CD or single to purchase the album.

Treat coup-de-grace Treat Roar single

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