Lizzy and the Crow

Elizia Savage - The Kid Crow

This is a picture of my daughter Elizia. You know how the crow brings “death” in the movie “The Crow”? Well, this crow brings teddy bears : )

I don´t like to put make up on children. Not for the purpose of making them prettier. The whole idea makes my tummy turn. This picture of my daughter is only for fun. More as a Halloween make-up for a party, Ok. We have talked about me painting her as a tiger or leopard. This is perfectly alright.

But there are others who think differently. Parents who put make up on their little girls in the purpose of making them more attractive in competitions. I am talking about parents that enter their daughters into Child Beauty pageants.

This is my opinion on that! Here in Sweden we don’t have this kind of shows. But in the U.S.A this is a common thing. Little children as young as five years old, sometimes even younger, in a ridiculous amount of make-up. And hairdos as advanced as a bride at her wedding. They even pose in bathing suits. It is really awful how the parents behave too, so competitive and putting so much pressure on their little girls to win. And it is all about the parent’s ego. We are not talking about parents getting all exited and cheering for their kid at a soccer game. We are talking about moms that teach their small children that happiness comes from being pretty and that perfection aisasked of them. To me it is just repulsive when the focus on beauty and appearance is forced on a kid. To win that trophy or crown becomes the most important thing. How twisted can a parent be?

When I was little I was climbing trees and exploring nature. In time all humans become self-absorbed and conscious about their look one way or another. But for children this should not be an issue. What kind of parent would put their child through this? I really feel sorry for these kids.

I started using make up at the age of  thirteen. My daughter is almost thirteen and I have finally let her use some make up. Maybe a bit too early… I am not sure. All the girls in her class wear make up. So I gave in…

1) What is your opinion on child beauty pageants?

2) When did you start using make up?

3) At what age is it OK for your kid to wear make up?(answer even if you don’t have a kid)

10 Responses to “Lizzy and the Crow”

  1. Hi Tallee!
    I agree on everything said here. This is a cool and funny make up on Elizia, nothing objectifying.
    1) Beauty pageants are just sick and I can´t understand why any grown up in any country would wanna allow them.
    2) I started wearing make up to parties and such when I was about 13-14 and on an everyday basis around 15. But then I had a time around 15-16 when I didn´t wear anything at all.
    3) Hard to say I´ll certainly encourage her to feel pretty and confedent enough to stay natural as long as possible. There´s nothing “evil” with make up as long as it´s for fun and not to please other people or hide your true you.


  2. Tar man bort ordet smink, och kallar det färg,så är det en lek antar jag.
    Jag kommer ihåg att det blev ett himla ståhej när det publicerades en bild nyligen på en kändis unge som mamman hade sminkat.Och det talades i talkshow om det, att det var inte klokt att hon hade sminkat sin dotter på skoj…
    Jag kommer ihåg att jag tänkte ;men herregud vad folk ska hålla på att fokusera på sådan saker.
    Smink är inte skadligt( undantag av allergi ,el annan avvikelse så som för starka medel) om det används rätt,det är väl lika bra att börja när dom börjar ta sina första steg.


    Skönhetstävlingar,vet jag ej hur det går till ,ang hur fruktansvärt det är för ungen.Allt grundar väl sig i hur föräldrarna bygger upp barnets självkänsla och självförtroende.Sen spelar det ingen roll liksom,förutom samhällets normer och föreställningar om saker och ting som spelar viss roll.

    Föräldrar köper barbie till sina barn,det är inte orimligt att barnen vill se ut som dockan..

    Folk som är mycket anti smink till sina barn, är nog det för att dom inte vill att barnet/flickan ska spela vuxen.
    El för att “flickor” blir förknippade med en mogen kvinna, eller annan symbolik som jag ej skriver ut.

    Sen finns det väl kulturella variationer..

    Det är en intressant fråga,hoppas du får många reflektioner


  3. Marianna Benner Says:

    1. The child pageant thing is the most hideous spectacle and in my opinion it borders on a child abuse issue. I have noticed a common thread in the mentality of the mothers of these poor little girls; insecurity in it’s most obvious and pure form. As mothers, we shape so many aspects of our daughters lives and these girls have such a strike against them early on in life to be raised by these monsters. hopefully they will survive to tell the tale. 2. I have never worn anything but some pink lip gloss and eyebrow liner to straighten eyebrows. i have been blessed with good skin and I am too lazy to mess with make-up.
    3. Cassidy started wearing make-up when she was 13 mainly because she has had a horrible bout of acne , totally understandable, boy does it cost money oh well. Nothing too heavy and she doesn’t like lipstick.i say it’s okay and she is more confident. Love from the Verdi Gang


  4. Barn leker ofta vuxna och jag tycker därför inte att de är konstigt att barn då och då sminkar sig för att bli fina. De är lika normalt som att dem klär sig i vuxenkläder och leker mamma pappa barn.

    MEN Jag tycker de är fel att tvinga in barn i vuxenvärlden genom skönhetstävlingar där idealen snedvrids redan i den åldern. De är som bäddat för ätstörningar.

    Såg att andra pratat om fetma för barn i denna tråd. Och fetma är precis lika farligt som ätstörningar i form av anorexi och bulimi exempelvis. Så att säga detta inte skadar någon är nog att vara blåögd.

    Som sagt, att sminka för att de är en kul grejj någon gång för något barnkalas eller halloweenfest osv är ju en helt annan grejj, för då är de mest en kul sak och inga ideal på samma sätt är närvarande. Men vad jag förstått av skönhetstävlingar för barn, så pressas dem till att vara så fina och söta som möjligt. Och detta tror jag omöjligt kan vara hälsosamt.

    Jag började använda smink i samband med att jag fick mensen tror jag. Runt 12 år var jag. Detta tycker jag faller sig naturligt i den åldern då mensen ändå är första steget in i den vuxna världen som kvinna.


  5. Hey Tallee…what a beautiful pic btw!:)
    Your daughter is so sweet! :)

    I think it is totally crazy to put make up on little girls for making them more attractvie for competitions. and it is not fair even without competition.
    My opinion is kids have to do things for kids, not to act like an adult person, just for the parents’ satisfaction or stuff like this.
    And kids are kids, parents are parents. What i mean they are 2 DIFFERENT persons, and i find ridicolous and dangerous to force kids to do what give parents satisfaction, if the kids don’t like to do it in a spontaneous way.

    I would never want my son Alex to do something only for my satisfaction. I mean, I would like he’d be a great musician, but if he prefers to play soccer or do something else in his free time, well, I agree with him, for I know he is happy!:) this is the most important thing for me. To know he is happy, not me.

    I think little girls should start using a right make up when they are about 15 or 16…..when their bodies start showing they are women and not little girls.

    WIsh u all the best my dear friend!
    hugs and kisses


  6. Love the pic of your little girl. I do carry a heavy opinion on the whole competition thing.

    1) I think it is a sad event that a parent would put their children in to these sort of competitions. Why would they subject their own kids to the ridicule and constant criticism that would only lead to low self esteem and insecurity in the future? Starting them out at a young age would also teach them they only have to be beautiful on the outside. If they are doing all of this to please others and not themselves, when do they have a chance to live for themselves with the freedom that only childhood can give you? I believe this type of competition has stolen the childhoods of too many children due to the inadequacies their parents feel.

    2-3) I think I wore makeup for the first time on Halloween :) But hey, I’m a guy so thats pretty much the only time I have worn it. It was a few short years ago that I allowed my daughter to wear some makeup. She was about 12 when we allowed her to wear eye liner and lip gloss. It was last year we allowed the full package. She is 15 now and is beautiful as ever. I think wearing the makeup signals that they are growing up, and we as parents are allowing it and shows them our acceptance of growing up.

    As a parent, when you think you have beautiful children, it does no good to try and prove it through competition. Compare these competitions with child stars and how they became stars. Parents make choices and justify their choices through a number of excuses, mostly being money to fund their college, all while the parents may be trying to live out their dreams through their children. I suggest people take a look at where a high percentage of these so called stars end up 20 years down the road before they make decisions that will impact their children’s lives forever.

    That’s just my two-cents on the matter and I could be wrong. :)

    Love ya Tallee!!



  7. Cute pic of Elizia…

    Saw a show about people opinionating on this and a guy said it very well……

    Children who are entered into beauty pageants by their parents, I think the parents put their children under an extreme amount of stress, wether they realize it or not. I think they instill the idea that success=beauty at an early age for kids. They also instill the idea that ugly=failure. This causes the young girl to become obsessed with looks as she ages instead of things society needs, like intelligent women who can be leaders or advance society.

    Childhood is very important to the development of a child into an adult, and there are not good values in child beauty pageants. These children often become vain and arrogant if they win, or depressed and have low self-esteem if they consistently lose. Making a child worry more about looks that their mental development makes stupid, ignorant kids. When you have to base your life on how you look instead of what you can do, you have to make a huge gamble, and it often leads to a child pursuing a dream job of being a model or actress. Then, if they can’t get a job in either of these they often fall back into pornography and prostitution.

    I do not believe all children who do beauty pageants follow this trend, and not all of them grow up to be dumb, but more of them than kids who live normal lives do. The child doesn’t want to do it too, its normally the parent making the decision. This causes the child to think winning is a way to gain affection from their parent and losing is disappointing their parent. Watch any kid make a mistake during one of these pageants and they will immediately break down in tears. It’s just not good for their emotional stability, mental capacity, or their future.

    I would never enter my kids in any beauty pageants….

    2- I don’t wear make-up, blessed as Mari says with good skin :)

    3- Hm…I think high school, perhaps age 16


  8. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a pageant for children, so I can’t really say. But it seems no less of a bad idea than all the parents that push their kids into sports. And winning the sports prizes that they themselves never were able to. I think living your life through your kids is a bad idea, in any way it may be..

    I started wearing makeup at around 12 years old. But played with it much earlier though. I was a real girlie-girl ;) and wanted real hairdos done on my long hair etc. Not very common I know, but I was never like other kids. Makeup was different back then though, foundation etc only old women wore that stuff LOL. Now there is so much better stuff out there that doesn’t even make you look made up etc..

    If I had a daughter I would let her choose when she wants makeup, it’s not my choice to make. Everyone is different, some kids don’t want to, others do…

    and that’s a real pretty pic of your daughter :)


  9. Thank you so much everyone for your input! Very interesting to read. Seems we are pretty much “on the same page” on just about everything. Thanks!


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