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CHRIS LANEY – Only Come Out At Night

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So here it is finally! Chris Laney’s new album. Me (Tallee) and Hanna Henrikson did the make up, so I have been waiting patiently for the pictures to arrive from cover art designer Mathias Blom, so that I could use them for my web site and my blog. I think the album lay out is so beautiful it is worth buying for that reason alone. The make up turned out really awesome : )

Now… I wish I could write more about the songs on the album, but unfortunately I have not received my copy yet. Chris said I shall have it soon. So until then I can only tell you how the songs worked out at the release party. The whole concept of the songs are very 80s, and I mean that in a good way. Songs are very “straight in your face” and melodic. Strong chorus lines that really grab hold of you and work efficiently as a so-called “HITS”. So keep your eyes out for this album that “only comes out at night”.

Chris is also an excellent producer who has done work with Crazy Lixx, Europe, Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy), Casablanca, Candlemass, H.E.A.T. to name a few.

Chris Laney - Only come out at night

Chris Laney - Only come out at night - Sleeve

Chris Laney - Only come out at night - Sleeve

Working on that make up. Chris and I striking a pose for photographer JenHell.

— • —

The release party for the album “Only Come out at night” was held April 29 at Harry B James club in Stockholm. Lots of people were there to hear the new songs. We all had loads of fun, and tomorrow we are off to another part of Sweden for a photo workshop in Småland.

Matt & John Berg.    –    Jenny (Chris’ beautiful wife), Hanna and I

— • —

Jenny Laney, Jompa and Amanda.

— • —

Me and my sister Amanda.

— • —

Amanda, Stefan and Matt.

John Berg and Georg Egg (Guitar & drums with Chris Laney).

Chris with hair, he he he he.

Madame Butterfly in the wicker chair

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Just got back from a make up job with a lovely girl called Lena. She is a drummer here in Sweden and she needed new promo pics. Can’t wait to see the results on those.

It is close to 1 AM here and I am very tired. But before I go to sleep I just felt like telling everyone about my passion for hats. I really like when this accessory matches the rest of your outfit. It is a form of art, and symbolises status and authority. But most of all I like the creativity that is put into a lot of hats.  Feathers, plumes and flowers, pretty much anything can be used for decorations. Only imagination is the limit.

• Things to do in this lifetime: Attend a course on how to make your own beautiful hats!

Here are some pictures photographer Ken Backius took of me. He called the session “Madame Butterfly in the Wicker Chair”.

The styling is very simple with a red shawl that I found at the swap-meet for 10 SEK. Shirt, fashion 80’s style. Shoes are from Scorett on sale for 350 SEK. The red details are everywhere from jewelry to hair styling accessories and picked up by the make up as well.

First the Madame Butterfly pics (Photo & Graphics: Ken Backius)
The last photo is a more Gothic version (Photo by Stefan Kyrk/ Graphis Mattias Savage Wilmenius)

— • —

More creative and beautiful hats!

Steve Vai – Tender Surrender

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The first time I heard of Steve Vai was when he replaced Yngwie in Alcatrazz back in 1984. Due to his desire to begin a solo career, Yngwie quit in 1984 and formed his own band, Rising Force. Everybody said that Graham Bonnet had blown it for losing this new upcoming guitar hero. Who was to replace him now? Well, Steve Vai (former Frank Zappa guitarist) did a very good job filling those big shoes. Truly the most inventive guitar player I had ever heard who frankly sounds like nothing else.

After Frank Zappa, Steve Vai toured with numerous artists like; Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth and Whitesnake.

"Passion and Warfare" is amongst Steve Vai's best work to date. Released 1990.

Now, this video is more up to date and it just blows me away. What a magnificent totally bluesy, or better yet characterized as quirky, guitar playing. Mind you, he is a very, very, very smooth guy. Very conscious about his hair here. Ha ha ha, you must see this. Watch and enjoy. And don’t miss the unbeatable last note. How cool is this?


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If you can’t decide what color to wear… wear them all!

A colorful session I did with photographer Ken Backius in Stockholm. Inspiration came from the fashion of the boutique Indiska.

You know, colors have an impact and affects our feelings. Colors can sway thinking, cause reactions and change your appetite.  In clothes and your surroundings at home you can control the use of color  to your advantage. Artists, designers, doctors and illustrators know that colors are mood shaping and that colors can be used effectively to heal and to merchandize.

Here are the meanings of some of my favourite colors.

Ever since I was a little girl i have loved colors. My favorite color purple symbolizes luxury and power. The Kings of fairytales are often seen with purple robe because purple is royalty. A very spiritual and intriguing color. In nature it has a sacred place as the purple flowers are often considered precious. To me it is the most beautiful color and has been so for over two decades now.

Black is mysterious, rebellious, sexy, evil and sophisticated. A very cool “color” and a must if you are a “rocker”… of course. Looking in my closet I see black on 50% of my clothes.

Red is a hot color and it raises blood pressure and pulse and strong emotions from passion to violence. Red is the color of love and the Devil. I tend to return to this color on a lot of my model sessions. Red is beautiful in combination with dark hair…but looks good on blondes too. A very sensual color.

White – Cleanliness, purity and innocence. Very refreshing when it is hot outside but… you don’t see to many people with white jeans… maybe because it makes your butt look bigger, ha ha ha. But of course some people get away with it and it looks great.

Blue promotes calm and reduces stress levels. A universal color, blue as the sky. I like turquoise, especially combined with purple shades.

Green is life.  Earthy, calming and restful and an ideal environmental color. Signifies growth, renewal and health. I don’t have that many green clothes but I really like the emerald green color.

-Click pics to enlarge-

This pic of me is taken 1968 somewhere in South America. My mom and dad took a long trip from San Francisco U.S.A to Santiago Chile. Making stops in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador,Peru and finally Chile.


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My daughter turns thirteen years old today. Her wish for her birthday party is for us (parents) to leave the house and come back later… like next morning if possible, ha ha ha. But with those demands I think we’d just better stay at home ; ) This weekend we just concentrated on celebrating with family and close friends.  Party plans with all her friends are under procedure.

So my beautiful daughter is growing. I would say a little to fast. I love her dearly and would like to congratulate her. She is still my little girl.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Adina Savage

Adina Savage

Adina now, and a pic of her when she was 4… seems like yesterday.

— • —

— • —

With permission from Adina I am showing two pictures of boys she thinks are cute.

Jeremy Sumpter                                                         Bill Kaulitz

— • —

When I was thirteen, I was a pain in the butt… I am sure. Rebellious and hard to understand. My mom did not have an easy task. I had discovered groups like Kiss and Sweet, and Rainbow and Deep Purple were just around the corner. So was my first boyfriend. Below are some pictures of boys I liked back then.

Do you recall what turning thirteen was like? How were you as a person? Who did you like? Three people I remember having a crush on was Brian Connolly of Sweet, Elvis Presley and Mark Hamill (Better known as Luke Skywalker).

Dark Tranquility

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These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago by photographer Johan Gustafsson. We tried to make something with a dark and mystic feeling and he really contributed to just that. Johan shot pictures of me two years ago. It was fun to see him again. We made a total of three sessions. The other ones are more pin-up oriented. He will have them ready for me by next week.

What else! Oh, yeah… Some idiot broke into my daughter’s locker at school and stole her purse today. She was upset of course. But she had her cell phone on her, and she had forgotten the house key at home (thank you very much) and she didn’t have any cash in there. Just her make up and her new purse gone. But I told her that mommy has lots of make up :  ) and that I will buy her a new purse, of course. Still, it’s sad that stuff can’t be safe in a school locker  : (

Tomorrow I am driving 2,5 hours for a model assignment in Valdemarsvik.  So I need to go to sleep. It is already 1:30 am here.


Dark Tranquility


Dark Tranquility


Dark Tranquility Dark Tranquility

The Duchess of Andromeda

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I had an idea of making a different session with a styling that is not seen everyday. Had to get some professional co-workers. Jenny and Amanda were just that.

After scanning a lot of different models and faces I found fair Sara W, a suitable model for this project.

Showing Amanda the hair styling I wanted to do, she decided to mix two of her favorite genres, historical and fantasy, and make a princess with Elizabethan and majestic style, but at the same time to get a “light and spacey” feeling with thin fabrics and lots of volume. Clothes can be rented at Independent Kostym.

I used cold and frosty colors on the make up. Not easy to find a model that can carry blue lipstick as well as Sara does.

Now, the hairdo was kind of tricky. I had to practice on my daughter Elizia (see pic below) the day before the session to get it right. I had to use small sticks to stabilize the hair in place.

Jen did a great job with the actual photo shoot and the editing of the photos. She contributed to get that aristocratic futuristic feeling.

Duchess of Andromeda

– Click the pics to enlarge –

Duchess of Andromeda Duchess of Andromeda

— • —


Me working on that hair      –       Amanda getting all the pieces for the outfit together

— • —

Elizia had  a very fun time while I practiced the hair style on her

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