Easter 2010

Adina, Cousin Zack, Tim and Elizia… and a little chicken.

This year easter really showed the transition between winter and summer. Snow had melted in a few days, thick winter jackets and the A.I.K beanies are stowed away in the attic, winter tires are changed on the car. Spring is really here! For a couple of days at least. Today it was full blown winter again, snow everywhere. This happens pretty much every year in Sweden and still everyone is taken by surprise.

This easter was followed by the same procedure as every year. Lots of good dinners with nice relatives… and lots of candy of course. In my case chocolate, because that is my favorite candy. So in addition to my regular “weekend” chocolate… I have had chocolates every day now for four days, and my tummy sais NO MORE!

Another more significant reason my tummy is hurting is that, my son Tim went back to Portugal, for his education and work. I will miss him so much again.

Hope you all had a wonderful easter.

Adina 4 years old 2002   –   Tim 5 years old 1996   –   Elizia 4 years old 2006
Here are three little egg frames with my kids. Pictures are taken many years ago. But I like the photos so much and would like to share them.

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