Mr Dandy vs Miss Tramp

Photography began in the 19th century. For whom ever could afford to have their photograph taken, that is. The technology was only just developing at the time, and so it took quite a while to “capture” the image. Subjects remained in a pose for a long time. So if you ever wondered why people looked uncomfortable and why they never smiled in those old photographs, now you know why ; )

Clothes and fashion were an important part of photographic portraits even back then. So stylist Amanda (being my sister) put the right outfits and accessories together. There are quite a few modern elements here. The make up I did, being one of them, I am aware of that, but I like the result. It came out pretty good. Not so hard though, with these two beautiful models to help out and Peter Gaudiano’s excellent photo and editing touch.

Amanda and I have been working meticulously on another project that involves Daniel. It demands time-consuming preparations and accuracy. So we won’t start shooting until at least a few more weeks from now. We just can’t wait to get that session rolling. I think you will like it a lot  : )

For now I hope you will appreciate these ones.

— • —

— • —

Models: Daniel & Anna Lans
Photo & graphics: Peter Gaudiano
Styling: Amanda Martinez
Make up & hair: Me (Tallee)

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