A.I.K back to the Elite series.

With only five minutes left of a dramatic game, A.I.K finally scores 1-0 against Växjö.  A long pass from Oscar Alhlström found it’s way to Lucas Lawson, who made a shot between the amazing goalie Viktor Fasth’s legs. During the last minutes of the game Växjö changed the goalie for an extra attacker, and A.I.K scores one more goal (2-0) and the crowd went absolutely wild as the team qualified for The Elite Series. The top league where they have not played for eight years. Fans stormed the ice to hug and congratulate the players and I guess there was not a dry eye after this happy ending.

All my A.I.K.  friends went to see the game, but for many reasons I decided to watch the game on TV at home. I haven’t been this nervous about a game in since Sweden won the Olympic Gold in ’04. I screamed, covered my eyes and cursed at the TV. Finally after the second goal, the happy tears came and I was jumping like a monkey in the livingroom.

The Swedish Elite League is a professional ice hockey league with the highest-level of hockey in Sweden, which provides the NHL with a lot of players every year. It is composed of twelve teams in the country. Now A.I.K needs to concentrate on establishing a good team. Now after the advancement they are 25 million sek richer, so maybe they can afford a few boys from NHL… I know Georges Laraque, for one, wants to play for A.I.K.

Nevertheless A.I.K are back!

4 Responses to “A.I.K back to the Elite series.”

  1. This is where we belong!
    I wasn´t able to watch the game at all, just listen to the radio, but was equally nervous though I did have a good feeling inside, but you never know…


  2. Så jäkla spännande! Jag var där och såg det live och det var för spännande men VI ÄR TILLBAKA!


  3. How sweet it is…
    I’m gonna be down on the ice in a year again, celebrating the Swedish Champion GOLD ;)


  4. The Nylf Says:



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