The Duchess of Andromeda

I had an idea of making a different session with a styling that is not seen everyday. Had to get some professional co-workers. Jenny and Amanda were just that.

After scanning a lot of different models and faces I found fair Sara W, a suitable model for this project.

Showing Amanda the hair styling I wanted to do, she decided to mix two of her favorite genres, historical and fantasy, and make a princess with Elizabethan and majestic style, but at the same time to get a “light and spacey” feeling with thin fabrics and lots of volume. Clothes can be rented at Independent Kostym.

I used cold and frosty colors on the make up. Not easy to find a model that can carry blue lipstick as well as Sara does.

Now, the hairdo was kind of tricky. I had to practice on my daughter Elizia (see pic below) the day before the session to get it right. I had to use small sticks to stabilize the hair in place.

Jen did a great job with the actual photo shoot and the editing of the photos. She contributed to get that aristocratic futuristic feeling.

Duchess of Andromeda

– Click the pics to enlarge –

Duchess of Andromeda Duchess of Andromeda

— • —


Me working on that hair      –       Amanda getting all the pieces for the outfit together

— • —

Elizia had  a very fun time while I practiced the hair style on her

4 Responses to “The Duchess of Andromeda”

  1. Interesting! Looks like she should be in The CIRCUS. Hey, what did you place in her hair to make the balls, did you use styrofoam balls? Very Cool….


  2. corina valle Says:

    que lindo trabajo y que interesante conocer como se va gestando el concepto…como va naciendo la idea…como se eligen los colores……
    Tambien como experimento lo del pelo con la Elizia……Es tan motivador leer sus cronicas y ver sus resultados….


  3. Heeeej, wow vilka bilder. Kul att se. Jättefina! Vi får se om vi kan gör något ihop framöver:-)


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