Dark Tranquility

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago by photographer Johan Gustafsson. We tried to make something with a dark and mystic feeling and he really contributed to just that. Johan shot pictures of me two years ago. It was fun to see him again. We made a total of three sessions. The other ones are more pin-up oriented. He will have them ready for me by next week.

What else! Oh, yeah… Some idiot broke into my daughter’s locker at school and stole her purse today. She was upset of course. But she had her cell phone on her, and she had forgotten the house key at home (thank you very much) and she didn’t have any cash in there. Just her make up and her new purse gone. But I told her that mommy has lots of make up :  ) and that I will buy her a new purse, of course. Still, it’s sad that stuff can’t be safe in a school locker  : (

Tomorrow I am driving 2,5 hours for a model assignment in Valdemarsvik.  So I need to go to sleep. It is already 1:30 am here.


Dark Tranquility


Dark Tranquility


Dark Tranquility Dark Tranquility

3 Responses to “Dark Tranquility”

  1. Idiots are a dime a dozen, these days – and there are so many things that’s even worse than the odd (and sad!) burglary of a school locker. Our kids live in a changing and uncertain World, and so do we… Very nice, reflective pictures – I like the stillness and the spritiual mood in them. Perhaps, they are in the historical tradition of “gedächtnisbilder” or the 17th century German tradition about contemplations upon death, and therefore to be seen as a spiritual work of art. Pics and Photos being what they are, sometimes do seem a little less serious, but in your case, I think that what you do is always serious, professional and very artistic – plus the fact that you have the chance to work with several well established artists and photographers (can’t say that I ever belonged to these)… Was going to a photo get-together at Marstrand this weekend, but nothing came of it – sadly – too little organisation, too much trouble for my injured foot – and not enough time to find the correct model – eventhough I started my preparations, 4 months in advance…


    • Hello Hasse!

      It was a pity about the Marstrand meeting. I heard that something did not work out in the organisation. Too bad. I know you were looking forward to this. I am going to the Småland meeting at the end of this month. I hope to get awesome pictures there. At least we always have a pleasant time there with everybody.

      Thank you for the reflection and feedback on my pictures here. I appreciate it a lot.

      And hey…take care of that foot.

      Big hug Tallee


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