My daughter turns thirteen years old today. Her wish for her birthday party is for us (parents) to leave the house and come back later… like next morning if possible, ha ha ha. But with those demands I think we’d just better stay at home ; ) This weekend we just concentrated on celebrating with family and close friends.  Party plans with all her friends are under procedure.

So my beautiful daughter is growing. I would say a little to fast. I love her dearly and would like to congratulate her. She is still my little girl.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Adina Savage

Adina Savage

Adina now, and a pic of her when she was 4… seems like yesterday.

— • —

— • —

With permission from Adina I am showing two pictures of boys she thinks are cute.

Jeremy Sumpter                                                         Bill Kaulitz

— • —

When I was thirteen, I was a pain in the butt… I am sure. Rebellious and hard to understand. My mom did not have an easy task. I had discovered groups like Kiss and Sweet, and Rainbow and Deep Purple were just around the corner. So was my first boyfriend. Below are some pictures of boys I liked back then.

Do you recall what turning thirteen was like? How were you as a person? Who did you like? Three people I remember having a crush on was Brian Connolly of Sweet, Elvis Presley and Mark Hamill (Better known as Luke Skywalker).

9 Responses to “Thirteen”

  1. Happy birthday ADINA!!! 13 kisses to you!:-) May all your rock’n’roll dreams come true!;)


  2. corina valle Says:

    Talita me encanto este escrito….Adina esta preciosa….y como crece!!!!

    Congratulations for Adina!!!!
    esperamos verla pronto!!


  3. Fina gumman!

    Hurra hurra hurra!


  4. Grattis till dottern:)

    gud 13 år, den svåraste åldern för mig helt klart. jag var väldigt kär i min första pojkvän och såg nog inte mycket annat än honom, skola och familj kom i andra hand ( skolan kom nog i sista hand;)..) jag förstod inte vad NO och matte kunde ge mig , trodde jag och axel skulle vara tillsammans i många långa år , att jag alltid skulle känna mig klumpig, ful och osäker på mig själv, att min familj aldrig skulle fatta någonting och att jag aldrig skulle bli vuxen!



  5. Love is like oxygen
    Yeah I remember being 13. I loved led Zeppelin and Rush. I didn’t get into too much trouble because I was in competition diving and swimming and played softball. I was really boy crazy, still am ha ha. My boss used to say we needed to ship all 13 year olds to some remote camp in Idaho for a year, then they can come back home. Thirteen is a transition year with many trials and tribulations and happy new feelings as well. It is now that you can start to see all the good things that you have instilled in your children along with vast differences in opinions, tiny adults. Best wishes to Adina for her birthday from the Verdi gang.


  6. Beautiful Adina!

    I remember my 13th birthday. My sister had arranged a surprise party for me at the place at the Swedish westcoast where we spent the summer, which started off with Stevie Wonders Happy Birthday… A beautiful memory.

    At thirteen I was still kind of a tomboy. I was into music, sports, reading and playing drums. Did good in school. I was a calm and happy kid, kind of cocky but no trouble maker at all.
    I was obsessed with Joan Jett, Iron Maiden and Kiss. Hadn´t really discovered boys yet, but would soon have a huge crush on David Coverdale. :-) My room was covered with posters of Eric Carr but mostly cause he was such a cool drummer.


  7. Stort grattis Adinisen…ha en vacker dag.


  8. Stort grattis i efterskott till dottern din! Hon och jag fyller tydligen år på samma dag :)


  9. Adina says thank you very much to everyone!

    Ellem >>> Men se på dig nu, en vacker och debårande svan.

    Mari >>> Alot of tribulation indeed! I liked Rush back then too, I still do.

    Carin >>> I think you should bring out those drumsticks again.

    Hillevi >>> Really, same day? Happy Day!


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