If you can’t decide what color to wear… wear them all!

A colorful session I did with photographer Ken Backius in Stockholm. Inspiration came from the fashion of the boutique Indiska.

You know, colors have an impact and affects our feelings. Colors can sway thinking, cause reactions and change your appetite.  In clothes and your surroundings at home you can control the use of color  to your advantage. Artists, designers, doctors and illustrators know that colors are mood shaping and that colors can be used effectively to heal and to merchandize.

Here are the meanings of some of my favourite colors.

Ever since I was a little girl i have loved colors. My favorite color purple symbolizes luxury and power. The Kings of fairytales are often seen with purple robe because purple is royalty. A very spiritual and intriguing color. In nature it has a sacred place as the purple flowers are often considered precious. To me it is the most beautiful color and has been so for over two decades now.

Black is mysterious, rebellious, sexy, evil and sophisticated. A very cool “color” and a must if you are a “rocker”… of course. Looking in my closet I see black on 50% of my clothes.

Red is a hot color and it raises blood pressure and pulse and strong emotions from passion to violence. Red is the color of love and the Devil. I tend to return to this color on a lot of my model sessions. Red is beautiful in combination with dark hair…but looks good on blondes too. A very sensual color.

White – Cleanliness, purity and innocence. Very refreshing when it is hot outside but… you don’t see to many people with white jeans… maybe because it makes your butt look bigger, ha ha ha. But of course some people get away with it and it looks great.

Blue promotes calm and reduces stress levels. A universal color, blue as the sky. I like turquoise, especially combined with purple shades.

Green is life.  Earthy, calming and restful and an ideal environmental color. Signifies growth, renewal and health. I don’t have that many green clothes but I really like the emerald green color.

-Click pics to enlarge-

This pic of me is taken 1968 somewhere in South America. My mom and dad took a long trip from San Francisco U.S.A to Santiago Chile. Making stops in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador,Peru and finally Chile.

7 Responses to “Folklore”

  1. Daniella Says:

    Tallee i love yout work and your pictures! I think you are a really beautiful women! So you have roots in usa and chile? Thats soo cool! Do you feel like chilean most or from Usa? Do you speak spanish and english with your kids? =)


    • Thank you Daniella! I am glad you like my work. I feel at home here in Sweden, in the U.S.A and Chile. I came to Sweden when I was around ten. I speak spanish with the kids but they answer in swedish. And now unfortunately swedish has dominated more and more. Big Hug Tallee


  2. simplemente hermosa …=)


  3. Paola Axelle Says:

    I love colors, I love those pics! Great work, really!!!
    Un abrazo desde Francia :)


  4. Helt fantastiska bilder. Du är så otroligt vacker!


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