Steve Vai – Tender Surrender

The first time I heard of Steve Vai was when he replaced Yngwie in Alcatrazz back in 1984. Due to his desire to begin a solo career, Yngwie quit in 1984 and formed his own band, Rising Force. Everybody said that Graham Bonnet had blown it for losing this new upcoming guitar hero. Who was to replace him now? Well, Steve Vai (former Frank Zappa guitarist) did a very good job filling those big shoes. Truly the most inventive guitar player I had ever heard who frankly sounds like nothing else.

After Frank Zappa, Steve Vai toured with numerous artists like; Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth and Whitesnake.

"Passion and Warfare" is amongst Steve Vai's best work to date. Released 1990.

Now, this video is more up to date and it just blows me away. What a magnificent totally bluesy, or better yet characterized as quirky, guitar playing. Mind you, he is a very, very, very smooth guy. Very conscious about his hair here. Ha ha ha, you must see this. Watch and enjoy. And don’t miss the unbeatable last note. How cool is this?

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