Madame Butterfly in the wicker chair

Just got back from a make up job with a lovely girl called Lena. She is a drummer here in Sweden and she needed new promo pics. Can’t wait to see the results on those.

It is close to 1 AM here and I am very tired. But before I go to sleep I just felt like telling everyone about my passion for hats. I really like when this accessory matches the rest of your outfit. It is a form of art, and symbolises status and authority. But most of all I like the creativity that is put into a lot of hats.  Feathers, plumes and flowers, pretty much anything can be used for decorations. Only imagination is the limit.

• Things to do in this lifetime: Attend a course on how to make your own beautiful hats!

Here are some pictures photographer Ken Backius took of me. He called the session “Madame Butterfly in the Wicker Chair”.

The styling is very simple with a red shawl that I found at the swap-meet for 10 SEK. Shirt, fashion 80’s style. Shoes are from Scorett on sale for 350 SEK. The red details are everywhere from jewelry to hair styling accessories and picked up by the make up as well.

First the Madame Butterfly pics (Photo & Graphics: Ken Backius)
The last photo is a more Gothic version (Photo by Stefan Kyrk/ Graphis Mattias Savage Wilmenius)

— • —

More creative and beautiful hats!

7 Responses to “Madame Butterfly in the wicker chair”

  1. Madame Butterfly has very cool shoes and beautiful arrangement on hair!


  2. The only time I’ve been to a professional astrologer (at age 19) I was adviced to become a hatmaker, or a hatter…
    Didn’t take up her on that advice, but I’m still mad… Anyhow – nice pics, as always… Also liked your “colors” shoot – the somewhat “Mexican” looking skirt made me think a lot about Frida Kahlo (one of my favourite artists). After my holiday, volcanoes and Gods permitting, I shall finally get around to photograph something of my own at the end of next month… about time I did…


  3. Marianna Says:

    Hats, hats I love hats. Beanies, cowboy hats, baseball caps worn backwards were my look for many years.It is a rare day that I dont have some kind of hat on my head. Up here in the Sierra Nevada it has become more of a necessity; my summer cowboy hats to shield from our summer sun and beanies( I think I have 50) for the harsh winter. I also have silly hats I wear to liven up the conversation. Hats off to all who love hats!


  4. Lovely pics.
    we make hats for the easter Bonnet parade
    loads of fun, great outfits and each and everyone has a theme.
    This year Me and My hubby had Hippie Easter, to the song; that’s the way aha, aha I like it.
    dressed in wiggs and hippie clothes, cool hats from 60’s…
    I won a bottle of champagne and a shower lotion…..
    My son Curtis was; “he collects seashells on the seashore!” to a local song with Yellowman; “over the oceans over the seas, if all the women lived across the sea what a great swimmer yellowman would be…”
    with shells and coralls all over his beautiful hat and dressed in quicksilver shorts.
    My mother in law did an old time calypso with my fater in law… and so it goes. a lovely easter tradtion…
    live well , love Teija


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