CHRIS LANEY – Only Come Out At Night

So here it is finally! Chris Laney’s new album. Me (Tallee) and Hanna Henrikson did the make up, so I have been waiting patiently for the pictures to arrive from cover art designer Mathias Blom, so that I could use them for my web site and my blog. I think the album lay out is so beautiful it is worth buying for that reason alone. The make up turned out really awesome : )

Now… I wish I could write more about the songs on the album, but unfortunately I have not received my copy yet. Chris said I shall have it soon. So until then I can only tell you how the songs worked out at the release party. The whole concept of the songs are very 80s, and I mean that in a good way. Songs are very “straight in your face” and melodic. Strong chorus lines that really grab hold of you and work efficiently as a so-called “HITS”. So keep your eyes out for this album that “only comes out at night”.

Chris is also an excellent producer who has done work with Crazy Lixx, Europe, Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy), Casablanca, Candlemass, H.E.A.T. to name a few.

Chris Laney - Only come out at night

Chris Laney - Only come out at night - Sleeve

Chris Laney - Only come out at night - Sleeve

Working on that make up. Chris and I striking a pose for photographer JenHell.

— • —

The release party for the album “Only Come out at night” was held April 29 at Harry B James club in Stockholm. Lots of people were there to hear the new songs. We all had loads of fun, and tomorrow we are off to another part of Sweden for a photo workshop in Småland.

Matt & John Berg.    –    Jenny (Chris’ beautiful wife), Hanna and I

— • —

Jenny Laney, Jompa and Amanda.

— • —

Me and my sister Amanda.

— • —

Amanda, Stefan and Matt.

John Berg and Georg Egg (Guitar & drums with Chris Laney).

Chris with hair, he he he he.

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