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SWAPMEET – The art of seeing the unique

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I LOVE going to a swapmeet (flea market) or a garage sale. Actually, there is nothing else that I enjoy more than doing exactly that. I love the fact that I have no idea what so ever what I will find. I just know that it will be fabulous. I have been doing this since I was little girl, both selling and buying stuff at the swapmeet. – “One man’s junk another man’s treasure”, is it not so? I have often had people asking me – How do you do it? -How do you find those amazing things? – “All we saw there was junk”.  And this is true… I always find many amazing things. Something I really, really like.

Today was no exception. In the bohemian parts of Stockholm (I am talking about the south, of course) there was a huge swapmeet all over Hornstull. I was there from 10 am until 4 pm, that is how big it was. I came across wonderful stuff for prices that you won’t even believe. Amazing red bellbottom pants in imitation leather with a low waist cut, for $10 = 75 Sek. The girl had paid $ 200 = 1 500 Sek for these last year. A silver ring with a black stone, $5 = 40 Sek. Beautiful summer clothes for the kids and lots of other things.

I rarely buy new clothes from the mall. I feel it is boring and that you end up looking like a stereotype Barbie, wearing the same shirt that everybody else is wearing from H&M. This way I get something a little more unique, for an awesome price, and at the same time I contribute to the well-being of the environment by recycling and reusing second-hand items.

This is one of the peaks in my life. Visiting the swapmeet or second-hands stores, never knowing what I will find :)

Here are some items from the exclusive, fashionable boutique á la Swapmeet, both from L.A and and Stockholm.

Photos by:

Janne Höglund, Jörgen Lundh, Stefan Kyrk, Christian Roosvall,
Göran Magnusson, Chris Bartis, Ken Backius

Happy Birthday Tim

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Tim Savage

Tim turns twenty today and officially says “bye bye” to his teenage years. He has been independent for quite some time now. Living in Portugal and having a job that both educates and gives him a salary. He doesn’t need me to handle all the bureaucracies of life. He takes care of his own responsibilities. Mommy could not be prouder : )

Frankly, Tim’s teenage years have been quite easy. Except the obvious worries that parents go through in this harsh world we now live in. Sure, he has done his share of mischiefs but nothing too bad. He has always just been such a cool and loveable kid. Never embarrassed of his parents like lots of other teens. Not even when he was in the ninth grade and I told him the news of me getting a job at his school as a school hostess, taking care of all the trouble-makers in the schoolyard. Tim’s biggest worries then was that those kids would call me bad names or something… and he knew that would piss him off and he would have to kick their asses.

I miss not having him at home now. I miss all the early ice-hockey, floorball and soccer games we attended every single weekend for 15 years. I miss him coming home happy  from school with ten friends to play floorball and ping-pong downstairs. But most of all I miss his good night kisses and his “I love yous” … he would never go to sleep or to school in the morning if I did not say those words back : )

I love you Timi. I hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday.

Tallee Savage - Tim Savage

1991 – Tim and Me     –    Tim enjoying his first hamburger

Tim Savage


18 and Life…

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Tallee Savage - Mattias Savage WIlmenius

… Yupp, that is what my hubby and I are heading for… our eighteenth year together. Hard to believe that the years have flown by so fast. And what is more extraordinary is that we are still as in love now as we were our first year together. This is my love, my best friend and the most wonderful man on earth. I love you honey!

Tallee Savage - Mattias Savage Wilmenius


Tallee Savage - Mattias Savage Wilmenius


Tallee Savage - Mattias Savage Wilmenius Tallee Savage - Mattias Savage Wilmenius


Tallee Savage - Mattias Savage Wilmenius Tallee Savage - Mattias Savage Wilmenius

Photo: Jörgen Lundh,

Avatar Girl

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Avatar Lizi 1


Avatar Lizi 2

So I finally saw the movie. I am the last one in my family to see it, and also probably one of the last to see it in Sweden. On my way home I thought to myself that this was a greater movie than I could explain with words. So I figure I would just write ….”WOW”… and that would sum it up. But thinking more clearly, I would like to clarify my “WOW” just a little.

What an extraordinary, exhilarating and stupendous movie. Couldn’t find a better way to spend a saturday evening. Technology is stunning and visuals alone are mind-blowing.  I will not go deeper into the story here. Most of you have already seen it. The story is really a very old-fashioned, predictable morality tale. But I can only imagine how the “conservative” american folks found it very provoking dealing with the fact that someone was true to his values and friends rather than his country. Way to go, James Cameron. Please make a second movie, or even better, a trilogy.

Great to see Sigourney Weaver in action away from earth again. Remember how awesome she was in the fantastic ALIEN movies?

I give AVATAR 5/5 Little Savages!

— • —

My youngest daughter was so amused by planet Pandora’s blue-skinned inhabitants that she demanded I’d turn her into one of them. It was late and we were all tired but I did my best to blend the colors to get that perfect Avatar-blue . We laughed so hard as we saw a real little Avatar-girl emerging.

To make sure there is not doubt of what is Photoshop and what is make up, I am publishing some behind-the-scenes pictures. The Avatar figures from the movie has wide noses, and with shadows and highlights I managed to do this on her. This is really the most fun part with make up. How you can manipulate facial features and do wonders. Eyes and ears are Matt’s work, and of course his wonderful backgrounds completes the picture to its fullest.

Anybody else who wants to be an AVATAR? Call me!

— • —


— • —



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Tallee old doll 1

I got the idea for this session after I found this old doll in an estate sale in the U.S.A last year. An old lady had passed away and now her relatives sold most of her belongings. There were so many beautiful old and antique items there and I couldn’t understand why the relatives did not take any interest in them. I saw this doll there and instantly knew I wanted it. I have never played with dolls really. I think they are actually quite creepy when they stare at you with that “dead” look. But it intrigued me that this doll has a history and that it has been through so much.

Deep in the forest in the southern part of Sweden, in Småland, a thousand-year oak is growing. It is called the Oak of Kvill (Kvilleken). The whole ancient  forest is well-preserved and something very unique. Today it is protected as a cultural landscape. This magnificent tree has a circumference of 14 meters (45,9 ft) and is the biggest in Europe. Estimated age: 850 to 1000 years. Beautiful crown and a perfect place to take some mystique photos. Kind of exciting to think that vikings probably had  battles here when this tree was only a small plant, a thousand years ago.

We took this pictures 1 of May and it was very cold outside. I literally froze my ass of. I am glad the photos wheren’t suppose to be happy smiling pictures. Because my teeth and body was shivering. Who says the life of a “model” is glamorous? Ha ha ha. Photographer Göran Magnusson had to be very patience with the schizophrenic light, shifting from dark shadow to bright sunlight. Matt did an excellent job with the editing, to get the exact horror feeling I wanted.

My job was more or less to look like a little spoiled brat playing alone under the ancient oak, while communicating with the dead.

-Click pics to enlarge-

Tallee old doll 2

Tallee old doll 3

Tallee old doll 4 Tallee old doll 5

Tallee old doll 6 Tallee old doll 7

My little daughter

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I spent a whole day with my daughter in her school. She is in second grade. It meant so much to her to have me there. To show me her little books and  to sit next to each other on lunch break. Lizzy is a bright little girl, so cute and so nice, but very different from other little girls in her age.  She is a bit wilder and does not seem to take interest in dolls and those kind of role plays. Today, for instance, the whole class had “toy day”, meaning everyone could bring their favorite toy and tell the class about it. All the girls brought their dolls or stuffed animals, but not Lizzy… She had a snake. She loves this rubber snake. It sleeps right next to her. All the girls ran and screamed “eeeuwww”. Lizzy, a little bit surprised, but content with the situation, just shrug her shoulders.

To be shy was never her thing. Although now she tends to be more conscious about different things.  Her behaviour could seem a little bit odd and especially girls would keep their distance and look the other way. Many times when I was going to pick her up at school I found her swinging in the playground by herself and when she saw me she would crack up in the biggest smile on earth. But this is the thing with her: she has never complained or been sad about the situation. Never has she mentioned anything about  not wanting to go to school. She loves being there and she says she is not lonely. She is just constantly happy and always a smile away from laughter.  Still, one can’t help to worry.

A few years back she tried to make friends with the neighbour’s kids (children her own age). After their parents had made one excuse after another, when she knocked on their door, it just sank in to me that they’re simply fucking idiots. They have this “norm” they live after “how a child should be or behave” and anything else that doesn’t fit into their “perfect little world” is disturbing to them. That  just goes to show how cruel and judgemental grown-ups can be. Makes me mad… Snobs, that’s what they are!

These last few years she has been getting lots of friends. Especially boys. She likes searching for insects (not in the least bit scared to pick up a big spider with her hand). She also loves climbing trees, drawing, making clay figures, playing ice hockey and gaming on the computer. A lot of things that boys also like to do. I just think that it’s just great to see her play with other children.

Anyway, I was never ignorant to the possibility that she might have an attention issue. She is very bright, but has trouble focusing, staying on the task and maintaining order with some things. So today after six months of waiting, we got our first appointment to see some experts on the question on ADD. We will not know until a few months from now, but it is just wonderful that teachers are willing to work with us to find the right accommodations for her. A lot of kids have this problem and the doctors told me that I would be surprised of how many parents are living in denial. Unbelievable isn’t it?

Asked my mom how I was when I was a kid. She looked at me and said: – Talita, you were exactly the same : ) And with that, my worries are gone with the wind…  because, see, I am happy and things turned out well for me, so I know she will do just great : )

This is a little piece of art she made out of clay – Isn’t it neat?

Independent Kostym

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These last couple of days I have been in a bit of a melancholy and in a sad state of mind. Still kind of in shock over Ronnie James Dios passing away a few days ago. Interesting how someone you have met occasionally but didn’t really know can have such an impact on you. My guess is that a lot of rockers at the Sweden Rock Festival will get together to honor and pay tribute to DIO.

Another sad thing is all this God damn pollen flying around in the air. I feel like my head and nose are filled with cotton and my lungs are pressured. I am not sure if the grass or the birch trees are to be blamed but it makes me mad that I can’t enjoy the beautiful weather like I want to. So mother nature: BITE ME!

To get my mind on other things I drove to Independent Kostym. Visiting this costume warehouse is truly a magnificent experience. The second I walk in there, I become like a little kid on christmas. This is one of  the largest costume warehouses in Scandinavia. Row after row with historical varieties, vintage attributes and hilarious outfits for rent.  Not unusual to bump into famous actors or musicians who are doing their costume fittings for their next movie, video or commercial. So if you are looking for the perfect outfit to rent for a video, photo shoot, masquerade or any other kind of private use, you should really pay Independent Kostym a visit.

I love this place! Magnificent outfits and funny, kind and competent staff helping you out.

I was very happy to stand model for their new flyer : )

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