Hello everyone!..
I have been really busy for over a week and I have not had the time to write anything on my blog, so I thought I would just show a peak from some events that I attended these last months.

Faster Pussycat at Harry B James, Sweden

Hollywood sleaze rockers from the 80’s – FASTER PUSSYCAT, made a tour together with Enuff Z’nuff and opening act Dirty Passion. Here they are playing at Harry B James. The drummer Chad Steward put us up on the guest list. Tickets were not expensive, but I hate standing in long lines. So to be on the guest list is always nice : ) (January 20th 2010)

Michael Thomas – guitar player of Faster Pussycat. His mommy did obviously not teach him that is rude to point at people? I had to think fast for an appropriate and cool response to that.

— • —

PRETTY VACANTS –  Great friends and awesome musicians doing their interpretation of their favourite songs. Stuff from Sex Pistols, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Audioslave, Queens of the stone age etc. Club Harry B James (Helter Skelter Night) – February 4, 2010)
Pretty Vacants are: Mats Levén (Yngwie, Therion, Krux), Andy Christell (Electric Boys, Hanoi Rocks), Marcus Jidell (Royal Hunt, E-Type), Jolle Atlagic (Hanoi Rocks, The Quill).

— • —

Mingling with friends – The one and only Mats Rubath of A.I.K, JenHell, Chris Laney, Matzon and moi.

— • —

My sweet friends Kattis and Jessie. I met them both 1993. Here we are celebrating Kattis 40th birthday at the restaurant “Da Papa Sito” (February 6, 2010)

— • —

Ann-Marie is both my hairdresser and my friend. Here we are celebrating her turning 30 (still a baby) with some Indian food at the restaurant DADO. (Here she is with boyfriend Ankan).
After dinner we had some cake that her mother made… yummy!!! (February 27, 2010)

— • —

Casablanca made an appearance in the Hotel Bar of the Hotel Scandic Malmen. A short but efficient performance. Here is Anders Ljung, the singer, Looking a little melancholic.
Guitar player of Casablanca on the other hand was in a completely different mood. Here with my friend Jenny. Little did they know about my paparazzi skills, he he he he.

— • —

I can´t really recall what Jen and I are doing here. Talking? Showing off lipstick?
I will have to ask photographer Uffe Magnusson about that.

— • —

This mini festival took place at the Old Printshop in Alvik, just outside of Stockholm – April 10, 2010, with live acts like Bullet, Dundertåget, Hardcore Superstar, Fatal Smile, Crazy Lixx, Casablanca etc. My friend and photographer Jen was ill and feverish but managed to snap some cool photos, like this one (above) that I like a lot of the group Bullet. Who also kicked some major ass live.

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