Two sessions in Valdemarsvik

Photographer Torgny Johansson took these photos of me in Valdemarsvik – April 2010.
We had a little different ideas of what kind of shots we wanted to do, so we just made two different sessions with totally different angles. I love trying new themes and stylings, what ever it might be, as long as I feel comfortable and I have fun in the meantime.

The first session is called ” Veiled in white lace”. A calm, simple and harmonic session that did not need to much thinking or accessories.

-Click pics to enlarge-

— • —


This session is more raw, diffused and trashy. Compliments to graphic designer Mattias Savage. It is just simply more rock ‘n’ roll.  The ring was in the studio for some kind of athletic try out. But with my shoes and outfit, I just settled for some simple poses ;  )

On my next photo session I have someone very special to join me : )

3 Responses to “Two sessions in Valdemarsvik”

  1. Tallee,

    These photos are beautiful!!! The line on your body, especially on the 1st photo is very sexy, and you are truly a gorgeous woman!!!

    I love looking at your photos, and the other ones with the models, the make up, hair and styles are very well put together!

    Claire x


  2. Goddamn … so nice ;)


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Diggar The Ring.. bra “knastrig” skräckvibb där, gryyymt!


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