ADINA SAVAGE – Småland Gathering III

This is the third gathering we go to in Småland. A small village called Mariannelund, about four hours drive from Stockholm. This is a big workshop put together by Jörgen & Boel Lundh. Around fifty photographers, models, make up artists, graphic designers and stylists get together to share experiences, know-how and to simply have a good time. To get the most out of these meetings I plan and work effectively according to the schedule I have made for myself. I participated on eight sessions in total. Either as a model or as a make up artist.

First session out is one of my daughter Adina. She did two sessions on the theme “70´s”, but with different angles. I did the make up, Amanda put together an outfit for her, Jörgen took the pictures and Mattias did the graphics.  Adina did a fantastic job. She is only 13 years old and has only done one session before as a model, but was able to relax and interact professionally with the camera. She was a sweetheart for agreeing to wear the hat on some of the pictures, even though she complained about feeling like an easter egg with it on.

-Click pics to enlarge-

Adina Savage 70's

Adina Savage 70's Adina Savage 70's

Adina Savage 70s

Adina Savage 70's

— • —

– Portraits of Adina –

Adina Savage 70's Adina Savage 70's

5 Responses to “ADINA SAVAGE – Småland Gathering III”

  1. Let me be the first one to comment, and say that this proves beyond any reasonable doubt that by now, Adina has her own career as a model, although perhaps she isn’t already as versatile or advanced as her mother, who can do – that has also been proven, many times – almost everything any photographer or make-up artist ever can dream of. As for me, and my own personal life – not much is happening – I would have loved Smålandsträffen, of course – seemed I picked the wrong event – but not only do I hardly come out at night, I hardly come out at all, these days, due to an injured foot… Have managed a long, 7-day trip to Rome though, but that was more in the fashion of “holiday snapshots” rather than a blog about more serious photography… But any day real soon, such as for example tomorrow..I shall begin photographing in earnest again…


  2. Det blev ju tokbra! Efterarbetet är dessutom galet skickligt.


  3. Jenny L Says:

    With those genes it just can’t go wrong. What a beautiful young woman she’s turning into!



  4. Thank you girls!! /// Tallee


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