Independent Kostym

These last couple of days I have been in a bit of a melancholy and in a sad state of mind. Still kind of in shock over Ronnie James Dios passing away a few days ago. Interesting how someone you have met occasionally but didn’t really know can have such an impact on you. My guess is that a lot of rockers at the Sweden Rock Festival will get together to honor and pay tribute to DIO.

Another sad thing is all this God damn pollen flying around in the air. I feel like my head and nose are filled with cotton and my lungs are pressured. I am not sure if the grass or the birch trees are to be blamed but it makes me mad that I can’t enjoy the beautiful weather like I want to. So mother nature: BITE ME!

To get my mind on other things I drove to Independent Kostym. Visiting this costume warehouse is truly a magnificent experience. The second I walk in there, I become like a little kid on christmas. This is one of  the largest costume warehouses in Scandinavia. Row after row with historical varieties, vintage attributes and hilarious outfits for rent.  Not unusual to bump into famous actors or musicians who are doing their costume fittings for their next movie, video or commercial. So if you are looking for the perfect outfit to rent for a video, photo shoot, masquerade or any other kind of private use, you should really pay Independent Kostym a visit.

I love this place! Magnificent outfits and funny, kind and competent staff helping you out.

I was very happy to stand model for their new flyer : )

4 Responses to “Independent Kostym”

  1. Hi Tallee,

    I’m reading your blog since a few weeks now and I thougt I’d leave you a comment today! I love the Independent Kostym pictures, with the retro/sepia style, they are absolutely fantastic! I checked their website, to see if they had a warehouse in other country (I’m from France) but apparently they’re only based in Stockholm, oh well!

    While going through your makeup blog, I was absolutely amazed by the “Gothic Barock” style you’ve done on model Adalmina Piechal: the shaded tones of black & red are really well applied and the complexion is just flawless, which foundation did you use to build up this makeup on her? I’m also a makeup artist (more a hobby than a work now for me, long story!) that is why I’m so curious :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you xxx


    • Hello Coraline! How nice to have a reader from France. I am delighted : )
      Yes, the pictures of Adalmina turned out great. I pretty much use base foundation on all of my models, when it comes to photo shoots. I don´t use liquid foundation. Base foundation covers up perfect and last for many hours. The brand is from the school “Make up studion”. But you can use any base foundation and loose powder really.

      Have a wonderful day Coraline.



      • Bonsoir Tallee :) Thanks for your sweet message and for answering! I used to work with the Shu Uemura UV Under Base and it worked really well indeed. True that sometimes, there’s no need for foundation when you have a good model/canvas! Isn’t Make up Studion the school you attend to by the way?

        Have a lovely evening :)



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