My little daughter

I spent a whole day with my daughter in her school. She is in second grade. It meant so much to her to have me there. To show me her little books and  to sit next to each other on lunch break. Lizzy is a bright little girl, so cute and so nice, but very different from other little girls in her age.  She is a bit wilder and does not seem to take interest in dolls and those kind of role plays. Today, for instance, the whole class had “toy day”, meaning everyone could bring their favorite toy and tell the class about it. All the girls brought their dolls or stuffed animals, but not Lizzy… She had a snake. She loves this rubber snake. It sleeps right next to her. All the girls ran and screamed “eeeuwww”. Lizzy, a little bit surprised, but content with the situation, just shrug her shoulders.

To be shy was never her thing. Although now she tends to be more conscious about different things.  Her behaviour could seem a little bit odd and especially girls would keep their distance and look the other way. Many times when I was going to pick her up at school I found her swinging in the playground by herself and when she saw me she would crack up in the biggest smile on earth. But this is the thing with her: she has never complained or been sad about the situation. Never has she mentioned anything about  not wanting to go to school. She loves being there and she says she is not lonely. She is just constantly happy and always a smile away from laughter.  Still, one can’t help to worry.

A few years back she tried to make friends with the neighbour’s kids (children her own age). After their parents had made one excuse after another, when she knocked on their door, it just sank in to me that they’re simply fucking idiots. They have this “norm” they live after “how a child should be or behave” and anything else that doesn’t fit into their “perfect little world” is disturbing to them. That  just goes to show how cruel and judgemental grown-ups can be. Makes me mad… Snobs, that’s what they are!

These last few years she has been getting lots of friends. Especially boys. She likes searching for insects (not in the least bit scared to pick up a big spider with her hand). She also loves climbing trees, drawing, making clay figures, playing ice hockey and gaming on the computer. A lot of things that boys also like to do. I just think that it’s just great to see her play with other children.

Anyway, I was never ignorant to the possibility that she might have an attention issue. She is very bright, but has trouble focusing, staying on the task and maintaining order with some things. So today after six months of waiting, we got our first appointment to see some experts on the question on ADD. We will not know until a few months from now, but it is just wonderful that teachers are willing to work with us to find the right accommodations for her. A lot of kids have this problem and the doctors told me that I would be surprised of how many parents are living in denial. Unbelievable isn’t it?

Asked my mom how I was when I was a kid. She looked at me and said: – Talita, you were exactly the same : ) And with that, my worries are gone with the wind…  because, see, I am happy and things turned out well for me, so I know she will do just great : )

This is a little piece of art she made out of clay – Isn’t it neat?

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  1. corina valle Says:

    Quede muy impresionada con todas las reflexiones en las que se mueve para entender la situacion de Elizia en este mundo…..Me alegra su actutud,su planteamiento como una persona informada y la firmeza y seguridad con que usted ve la condicion de ser diferente…….Hace algun tiempo usted m,e conto que habia estado leyendo unp de mis autores favoritos y quise que hablaramos de eso,pero desgraciadamente esa intencion quedo enterrada en las miles de cosas que componen nuestro cotidiano……
    Me parece recordar que usted menciono a Tom Hartman….O estoy equivivocada???
    Es provable que yo no me quede por mucho mas en este pais,y cuando vuelva hare mucho trabajo con las ideas de el sobre el ADHD,que son maravillosas…..
    Lafelicito por pensar como piensa y por ser la mama alerta que es…..


    • Muchas gracia tia Corina. Si, uno trata de hacer lo mejor para sus hijos. Todavia tengo el libro que usted med dio. El author son tres personas Nadeau, Littman y Quinn. Tambien me a ayudado mucho hablar con usted de este asunto : ) Gracia por todo : ) Besitos Tallee


  2. I had the pleasure to meet Elizia on the past year. She is such a sweet and lovely child…Both me and Elena were amazed by such sweetness, we still remember her sweet hugs:-)))
    U and Matt are lucky dear Tallee….You have such a jewel little girl.:) wish u and your family all the best in life!……and ROCK of course!LOL!


  3. Hon är så fin och vad roligt att hon vågar sticka ut från mängden och vara som hon är. Det är tecken på jag-styrka. Har man det så kan det inte gå annat än bra i livet. Lite ADD har ingen dött av. Det växer ofta bort dessutom.


  4. Underbart!!! En underbar familj du har Tallee!!!
    Kram Mano


  5. Both Elizia, Adina and Tim are very special persons. As long as a child has love, harmony and security in its life it’ll be fine. Everyone’s different and that’s just how it should be. I was also a bit of a tomboy, a loner and a dreamer around her age. I am very proud to be Elizias godmother and I hope I can be there for her in whatever way she needs me. Love all of you.


    • You are so very right, Carin. I hear you! But sometimes love and harmony is not enough. There are professional ways to approach the situation and it has worked wonders so far. For example certain memory and concentrating games, special strategies around homework… things like that. I adore her ways as a human being and would not change a thing. But some people don’t see the beauty of individuality… they want everyone molded in the same shape. But I do understand what you are saying : )

      We are very proud to have you and your family in her/our life too. Love right back at ya ///Tallee


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