Tallee old doll 1

I got the idea for this session after I found this old doll in an estate sale in the U.S.A last year. An old lady had passed away and now her relatives sold most of her belongings. There were so many beautiful old and antique items there and I couldn’t understand why the relatives did not take any interest in them. I saw this doll there and instantly knew I wanted it. I have never played with dolls really. I think they are actually quite creepy when they stare at you with that “dead” look. But it intrigued me that this doll has a history and that it has been through so much.

Deep in the forest in the southern part of Sweden, in Småland, a thousand-year oak is growing. It is called the Oak of Kvill (Kvilleken). The whole ancient  forest is well-preserved and something very unique. Today it is protected as a cultural landscape. This magnificent tree has a circumference of 14 meters (45,9 ft) and is the biggest in Europe. Estimated age: 850 to 1000 years. Beautiful crown and a perfect place to take some mystique photos. Kind of exciting to think that vikings probably had  battles here when this tree was only a small plant, a thousand years ago.

We took this pictures 1 of May and it was very cold outside. I literally froze my ass of. I am glad the photos wheren’t suppose to be happy smiling pictures. Because my teeth and body was shivering. Who says the life of a “model” is glamorous? Ha ha ha. Photographer Göran Magnusson had to be very patience with the schizophrenic light, shifting from dark shadow to bright sunlight. Matt did an excellent job with the editing, to get the exact horror feeling I wanted.

My job was more or less to look like a little spoiled brat playing alone under the ancient oak, while communicating with the dead.

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Tallee old doll 2

Tallee old doll 3

Tallee old doll 4 Tallee old doll 5

Tallee old doll 6 Tallee old doll 7

2 Responses to “THE MILLENIUM OAK”

  1. Coola bilder! :) Gillar särskilt tvåan, den liggande där du tittar bort.



  2. Theresa Says:

    That’s one SCARY looking tree. The pics and everything you have done is amazing. Love it!


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