Avatar Girl

Avatar Lizi 1


Avatar Lizi 2

So I finally saw the movie. I am the last one in my family to see it, and also probably one of the last to see it in Sweden. On my way home I thought to myself that this was a greater movie than I could explain with words. So I figure I would just write ….”WOW”… and that would sum it up. But thinking more clearly, I would like to clarify my “WOW” just a little.

What an extraordinary, exhilarating and stupendous movie. Couldn’t find a better way to spend a saturday evening. Technology is stunning and visuals alone are mind-blowing.  I will not go deeper into the story here. Most of you have already seen it. The story is really a very old-fashioned, predictable morality tale. But I can only imagine how the “conservative” american folks found it very provoking dealing with the fact that someone was true to his values and friends rather than his country. Way to go, James Cameron. Please make a second movie, or even better, a trilogy.

Great to see Sigourney Weaver in action away from earth again. Remember how awesome she was in the fantastic ALIEN movies?

I give AVATAR 5/5 Little Savages!

— • —

My youngest daughter was so amused by planet Pandora’s blue-skinned inhabitants that she demanded I’d turn her into one of them. It was late and we were all tired but I did my best to blend the colors to get that perfect Avatar-blue . We laughed so hard as we saw a real little Avatar-girl emerging.

To make sure there is not doubt of what is Photoshop and what is make up, I am publishing some behind-the-scenes pictures. The Avatar figures from the movie has wide noses, and with shadows and highlights I managed to do this on her. This is really the most fun part with make up. How you can manipulate facial features and do wonders. Eyes and ears are Matt’s work, and of course his wonderful backgrounds completes the picture to its fullest.

Anybody else who wants to be an AVATAR? Call me!

— • —


— • —


5 Responses to “Avatar Girl”

  1. Who else wants to be done up as an Avatar??? Me!! Me!!!! Lol…

    The film is great! My husband, my 2 sons and me went to see it when it first came out, i dont normally like these 3D films, but i was blown away, it was absolutely amazing!!! So wow does kinda some it up! ;)

    Great photos as always Tallee =)

    Thanks for sharing
    Claire x x x x


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Helt underbara bilder på Lizzie! :-)


  3. Men jag är inte anonym. Jag är ju jag. Hahaha. Glömde skriva namn. :-)


  4. Snyggt! Både make och efterarbete :)


  5. Thank you all! <3


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