Happy Birthday Tim

Tim Savage

Tim turns twenty today and officially says “bye bye” to his teenage years. He has been independent for quite some time now. Living in Portugal and having a job that both educates and gives him a salary. He doesn’t need me to handle all the bureaucracies of life. He takes care of his own responsibilities. Mommy could not be prouder : )

Frankly, Tim’s teenage years have been quite easy. Except the obvious worries that parents go through in this harsh world we now live in. Sure, he has done his share of mischiefs but nothing too bad. He has always just been such a cool and loveable kid. Never embarrassed of his parents like lots of other teens. Not even when he was in the ninth grade and I told him the news of me getting a job at his school as a school hostess, taking care of all the trouble-makers in the schoolyard. Tim’s biggest worries then was that those kids would call me bad names or something… and he knew that would piss him off and he would have to kick their asses.

I miss not having him at home now. I miss all the early ice-hockey, floorball and soccer games we attended every single weekend for 15 years. I miss him coming home happy  from school with ten friends to play floorball and ping-pong downstairs. But most of all I miss his good night kisses and his “I love yous” … he would never go to sleep or to school in the morning if I did not say those words back : )

I love you Timi. I hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday.

Tallee Savage - Tim Savage

1991 – Tim and Me     –    Tim enjoying his first hamburger

Tim Savage


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Tim”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Good Job Tallee…Happy Birthday Tim :)


  2. Fina Tim….Stora killen nu. Men mosters lilla sötnos kommer han alltid att vara ändå. :-)


  3. Ahhh! Hälsa stort Grattis till Tim!



  4. Stort grattis på födelsedan, Tim!
    Du har alltid varit en jättego kille! Hoppas du har en grym dag!
    Kram kram från “tant” Carin, Niklas & Flavia


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