SWAPMEET – The art of seeing the unique

I LOVE going to a swapmeet (flea market) or a garage sale. Actually, there is nothing else that I enjoy more than doing exactly that. I love the fact that I have no idea what so ever what I will find. I just know that it will be fabulous. I have been doing this since I was little girl, both selling and buying stuff at the swapmeet. – “One man’s junk another man’s treasure”, is it not so? I have often had people asking me – How do you do it? -How do you find those amazing things? – “All we saw there was junk”.  And this is true… I always find many amazing things. Something I really, really like.

Today was no exception. In the bohemian parts of Stockholm (I am talking about the south, of course) there was a huge swapmeet all over Hornstull. I was there from 10 am until 4 pm, that is how big it was. I came across wonderful stuff for prices that you won’t even believe. Amazing red bellbottom pants in imitation leather with a low waist cut, for $10 = 75 Sek. The girl had paid $ 200 = 1 500 Sek for these last year. A silver ring with a black stone, $5 = 40 Sek. Beautiful summer clothes for the kids and lots of other things.

I rarely buy new clothes from the mall. I feel it is boring and that you end up looking like a stereotype Barbie, wearing the same shirt that everybody else is wearing from H&M. This way I get something a little more unique, for an awesome price, and at the same time I contribute to the well-being of the environment by recycling and reusing second-hand items.

This is one of the peaks in my life. Visiting the swapmeet or second-hands stores, never knowing what I will find :)

Here are some items from the exclusive, fashionable boutique á la Swapmeet, both from L.A and and Stockholm.

Photos by:

Janne Höglund, Jörgen Lundh, Stefan Kyrk, Christian Roosvall,
Göran Magnusson, Chris Bartis, Ken Backius

3 Responses to “SWAPMEET – The art of seeing the unique”

  1. Theresa Says:

    I know how much you LOVE the swapmeet and probably can’t enough of the garage sales, when you visit the states. lol So dedicated, every Saturday morning. ha ha ha As you know I grew up at the swapmeet, 35 years girl, so as you can imagine, I was SICK of it for a very long time, until my parents finally retired. I appreciate it now and I can go, if I want to go, not because I have to go, because my parents are working or I am working there. I go every once in a while, enjoy walking around seeing all the diff. items people are selling. My honey and I went about 2 weeks ago, we bought lot’s of fruit and veggie’s, we bought sunglasses and had a great day!
    So, the pics posted on this link are one’s of which all clothing was purchased at the swapmeet, right? Very Cool!
    Smiles Tree


  2. Helt otroligt att du hittar allt möjligt i klädväg:-) Fantastiska bilder har du med ~kram Bollan


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