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Clowns can be characterized in many different ways. Although their intended purpose is to entertain and be funny, a lot of people find them scary and terrifying. I find them neither scary nor particularly funny, but I like their appearance, with their stylish make up and unusual outfits.

The idea was to put two different clowns in a room with suitably antique feeling to it. So I built a tall bed and collected the items that I found necessary. After that it was solely about teamwork between models, make up artist, stylist, photographer and graphic artist.

Now, whether it is the pantomimes from ancient Greece, the French mime tradition deriving from Pierrot or Italian jesters and fools, they have all changed or varied a little in mood over the years and that has given us a wide spectrum of characters to choose from. Elizia, with her personality, is undoubtedly an Auguste clown. The Auguste clown is the most comic of all clowns. Its actions are wilder and more flamboyant and their make up features of are exaggerated in size. Appropriately dressed by stylist Amanda in a bold costume made by costume designer Roger Janson, with crazy patterns and the right accessories, that often characterizes the Auguste clown costumes.

The adult clown is a character clown, which means you can do anything, with endless choices. Since the character clowns make up and dress are totally dependant upon the character chosen, we had to, of course, collaborate to make it match. Amanda put together a “neat whiteface” white costume with the classic attributes of a circus clown, such as a ruffled collar, a red nose and big feet, but with a very pretty, sophisticated and alluring look and the make up just follows that.

Hope you enjoy the pictures  and just out of curiosity, I would like to hear what your relationship to, or experiences with clowns are. Maybe you are coulrophobic, meaning you have  an extreme fear of clowns?

Models: Elizia Savage & Amanda Martinez
Make up: Tallee Savage

Stylist: Amanda Martinez
Wardrobe: Independent kostym
Photographer: JenHell
Graphic Designer: Mattias Savage

Midsummer 2010 – Jumping & Laying

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One of the most important holidays in Sweden would be midsummer. We basically celebrate when the sun’s apparent position in the sky reaches its northernmost and it is therefore the lightest day of the year. A common tradition in the north of Europe is to party, dance around the maypole, listen to accordion music and wear crowns made of wildflowers. Very nice…

… But since we are not Swedish, not traditional and we are rockers. we do things a little bit differently.

We jump….

-Click pics to enlarge-

Matt – Elizia – Adina

Cholla – Amanda – Pasi

Jompa – Zack – Hanna

Jenny – Erik – Nyffe

and we lay.

I was not in the least bit surprised that the idea for this game came from my friend Lotta F. She always has some crazy and funny ideas up her sleeve. The “lying game” was one of them. Yes, it is odd, but it is so much fun watching the creativity of people lying down. The game was started by Gary Clarkson, a man from somewhere in the U.S.A and has rapidly spread across the world, from the states to Singapore, to Europe… to everywhere.

Rules to lie downs: What? You thought this was easy? Of course there is some technique to it ; )

• You have to be as if you are standing up. Vertically challenged. (but obviously lying down).
• The tip of your toes pointing to the ground
• Palms of your hands against your sides.
• Face down

My friend just started a Facebook group ” Titta vi ligger” = “Look we are lying“. Everyone with a random sense of humour, is welcome to join. Find a place were you can lay with comfort. The more creative the more entertaining…but don’t forget the rules!

Tallee – Elizia – Jenny – Erik – Jompa – Cholla – Nyffe – Amanda – Hanna – Zack – Mattias

-Click pics to enlarge-

These photos are taken on different locations in June.
Amanda – Mattias – Lotta F – Lena T – Maria E – Tallee
Uffe M – Hanna H – Jompa W – Stefan Z – Teddybear


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All this talk about princesses this week has reminded me of my childhood dreams on the matter. Dressing up like a princess is a passage that lots of young girls go through. I have also had that dream, but it was always different from other girls. I didn’t want to wear a girly-cinderella-pink-fluffy dress. It made me feel a little bit submissive and weak. Nothing wrong with little girls wanting to dress up in cute princess dresses, but I just don’t like the stereotype and discrimination against girls and women, physically helpless on assumption that women are suppose to be that way. I would  always return to the stronger characters in my Tarzan comic strips. The princesses of the amazons. I was enchanted by them. Independent and strong princesses, both physically and mentally, plus they have all the allure of good beautiful women. Amazons or women from the mythological or fantasy literature, as well as our real world. I am talking about girls like Wonder woman, Pippi Longstocking and especially my daughters. They all deserve a tiara made of cameos, gold and pearls.

Princess Adina 5 yrs old – 2002 • Princess Elizia 2 yrs old – 2003

Amazon princess and beautiful princess Fiona.

— • —

Princess of Darkness
Model & Make up: me  •  Photo: Robert Milovan  •  Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

— • —

These past weeks have been all about princesses. Thanks to Princess Victoria’s wedding, of course. To my foreign readers I’d like to explain that Victoria is our King, Carl Gustaf’s daughter and the next queen of Sweden. On saturday she tied the knot with her gym teacher Daniel Westling. I am certainly not a royalist, but I am not against it either… I am indifferent. I simply don’t give a damn. But, of course, I sometimes wonder what the real value of the Royals is? What do they bring the nation today? Tourism, identity, international relations? We fund a lavishing lifestyle for a few people who spend it on stupid things. They are multi-millionaires so it’s not like they need our money. Furthermore I don’t like how the regent is decided by blood and not by democratic means. It really goes against everything this country stands for, in my opinion. But on the other hand I like the royal tradition that has been around for 100’s and 100’s of years.  I say…. keep the royal family, the castle and what ever they have. Good for PR, but cut a big part of their royal allowance.

So, did I watch the wedding on TV? Of course I did, and it was beautiful. Victoria looked astonishing. Oh… that’s right, I don´t give a damn ; )

— • —

The movie Prince of Persia – The sands of time, is also a story about a guy that, like Daniel Westling, was picked up off the streets and became a prince. The movie is directed by Mike Newell and is starring Jake Gyllenhaal as prince Dastan in the lead role. Gemma Artenton as the lovely Princess Tamina. I just saw the movie and I liked it… Good old-fashioned, action-adventure film.

Adina in a “Rock Steady” dress

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Up until a few years ago I was the second tallest person in my family. One after another my children are now growing taller than me, making me feel like a little hobbit. My daughter Adina just turned 13 a couple of months ago and is now one head taller than me. How could this be? She was just a baby, and now we are wearing/sharing the same clothes.

This strapless 50s inspired dress is called “Lady of the Dark”, and is made by Rock Steady clothing. It features a black satin finish in a leopard pattern. Accentuating the waist and flaring into a taffeta-lined skirt in three different layers reaching down to the knees. It is adorned with three silver skull buttons lined up from the waist. I bought it in L.A last summer because I don’t have so many flared dresses and I thought it might look pretty.

These pictures of Adina are taken by photographer Peter Gaudiano in an old abandoned sawmill in Småland, and the picture of me is taken by photographer Göran Magnusson on the same weekend.

Tallee old doll 7

Photo to right: Same dress, different photo session, older model

— • —

This seems like yesterday – Adina 2 years old

Gothin’ out with Bigelf in sepia

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Since Damon Fox from Bigelf and I share this fascination for stovepipe hats I thought I would combine my photo session with a word or two about the blokes from L.A. and a few live shots I took of Bigelf at the Sweden Rock Festival.

– Here are some “Goth in sepia” pics of me taken by photographer Börje Ensgård.

Damon Fox, me & two guitar wizards enjoying life, Ace Mark of Bigelf and Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth

These guys are really cool. Look, sound, performance… Everything is very cool about them. But then again I am a huge fan of The Beatles, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Bigelf´s music is a quilt of those bands with a little sprinkle of T-Rex and Pink Floyd. I have met guitar player Ace Mark before, when they opened up for Opeth and Dream Theather a few months ago. He was as humble and cool as the last time I met him. Frontman Damon Fox was also very polite but gave a more serious impression with his very intense eyes. I found myself wondering if maybe he had some magical skills that would turn me into a rabbit or something… Weird.

When I took these backstage pics I had not seen them live yet. The show was not until the next morning. Not at a very good hour and not under the best weather conditions. The gig took place at noon and rain was pouring down. But that did not matter. Our minds where set to see this gig and so I stringed on my boots, straightened my long black skirt, folded out my umbrella and  flew off like Mary Poppins to join the psychedelic doom-circus from where the 1970´s never ended. Harmonic Jon Lordisch hammond organ feast. For a few seconds confusion roared through my mind, over whether to headbang or shake my ass… Both works with Bigelf : )

Bigelf have been around in L.A since the ’90s. They have released three albums to date:
Honey Machine (2000), Hex (2003), Cheat the Gallows (2008/2009)

Check them out here >>>

Current line up:
Damon Fox – vocals, keyboards
Ace Mark – guitar
Duffy Snowhill – bass
Steve Frothingham a.k.a. Froth – drums

— • —

Enjoy some of Bigelfs videos here. Very wicked ; )


The Evils Of Rock & Roll:

Sweden Rock Festival 2010 – Summary

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Everything is very quiet now. Coming home from the Sweden Rock Festival is always a bit melancholic. Having to wait a whole year again. Now I am sitting here trying to recall the moments that made this year special to me.

First of all I went with a bunch of great and fun friends. All nine of us shared a bus and a cabin and had a great time. Lotta, Amanda, Madleine, Hanna, Me, Jompa, Mattias, Pasi and Lasse.

These are some of the bands I saw:

Cinderella did a fantastic show. Started out with some sound complication, but was right back on track for the second song.  They sounded awesome.  Good choice of songs and Tom Keifer sang just like on the old records. Perfect attitude on stage too.

In contrast to Cinderella we have Opeth. Progression and perfectionism from hell. Undoubtably one of the greatest groups today.

I finally got to see the fabled L. A. quartet Bigelf. Brilliant psychedelic-doom progressive rock. I hope they turn huge… because they earn to be huge.

W.A.S.P. also did a powerful show. But Blackie Lawless looked very funny with his make up. I need to help him with that on some occasion…

Compatriot Tom Araya from Slayer made me eat most of my doubts about this band. I find it strange even writing this; But they were actually good. I have never liked this band before. Really worked for me live. Specially the song Raining  blood.

I also saw Dan Reed, Quireboys, Gary Moore, Anvil, Aerosmith, Jorn, MSG, Winger, Mayhem etc. But I also missed a lot because weather really sucked. We did see something round and yellow from time to time, being recognized as something called “sun”. But in general it was windy, cold and rainy. This could feel like a disaster if you are in a festival, but rockers are troopers. I did complain about my hair going from straight to curly to frizzy, but mostly I defied the rain.

— • —

Here is an album with pictures from SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2010

Nathalie, Martin, Per, Martin, me, Fredrik (Opeth)  —-  Michael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) & Mattias

— • —

Anders, Madleine & me  —   Mattias

— • —

Me, Maud, Martina and Anna  —  Anders Johansson (Hammerfall) and…. a hand?

— • —

Me, Jompa, Hanna, Amanda, Matt, Fredrik & Lena   —  The lying down game

— • —

With Anders Ljung (Casablanca)  —   Me, Jocke, Matt, Lotta & Andy  —  Peter Löfgren

— • —

Me, my sis Amanda with Pasi and Anders Wikström of Treat

— • —

With Jocke from Hellfeuled  —  Amanda, me, Lotta and Lena

— • —


Here we go again… Sweden Rock Festival

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The highlight of the year is finally upon us. Yes people, I am talking about the SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL. It takes place in Sölvesborg in the very south of Sweden, about a six hour drive from Stockholm. You either stay at the rock camping, rock trailers or like us in a ROCK cabin, with only seven minute walk to the festival area and a one minute walk to the sea, if you feel like taking a dip in the ocean.

This year the variety of bands is unbelievable. Everything from Rock, Heavy Metal, Black metal to Blues, Sleaze rock, AOR etc. These are some of the bands playing:   M.S.G, Cinderella, Behemoth, Gary Moore, Guns n’ Roses, Mother Finest, D-A-D, Billy Idol, Opeth, W.A.S.P, Dundertåget, Y&T, Jorn, Bigelf, TREAT, Stratovarious, Quireboys, Conny Bloom, Dan Reed and many, many more. One thing I don’t want to miss is the ceremony held for Ronnie James Dio on thursday.

30 000 people can’t be wrong… this is the place to be from the 9th -12th of June. I will be back next week with photos and a story about the festival.

Four different outfits – Check!
Earplugs – Check!
Tickets & backstage pass – Check!
Beer – Check
Fruit & nuts – Check…etc, etc, etc…. check! check! Check! YES I am all ready to go… Rock´n´rooooll

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