Rock & Techno Assignments

Here are some of my latest work : )

This beautiful lady is an assignment  that I had a short while ago. Make up is very “metal” and accentuated to make her wonderful blue eyes brighter and  even more significant. Pictures from the session have been picked out by the band and sent to graphic designer Mattias Savage to get their final touch, so they will be ready shortly to show here.

Eva Myrdal plays the bas in a group called Metalnun. She has been playing the bass since she was 17 years old. Their repertoire is exclusively songs from the 70’s and 80’s. Bands like Whitesnake, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Dio etc. I hope to see them on stage soon.

Eva Myrdal and O´boy
Picture is taken by Zandra, Eva’s daughter.
Make up by me: Tallee Savage

— • —

This is another project I did some time ago. Elissa and Yani are a couple I did the make up on. They both wanted promo pictures for their music careers. But also some nice pictures of them together for private use.

Yani is a DJ  and producer and ELODIE (Elissa Björk) is a singer / songwriter and producer that has done many collaborations with the artist John Dahlbäck in the genre of techno/house/electro. More about her here:

Photos are taken by Jennie Hellström
Make up by me: Tallee Savage

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