I think I am ready to make my declaration: AC/DC is undoubtably one of the greatest rock bands ever!

These aussies make hard blues-driven rock and they have always stuck to their strength instead of branching out and jumping on the trendy-train. The “heavy rock” remains the same while other bands bent out of shape to fit the 70’s glam, the 80’s curly hair, spandex and poses and the 90’s flannel dudes grunge eras. Nothing wrong with that… but I am just saying that I think it is so cool that AC/DC stuck to their thing. Even with the change of singers after Bon Scott left this world, it was with a seamless flow from earlier records. There was never like in Van Halen, a David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar situation. There was never such a drastic change to the band’s sound. Someone said that comparing the two singers would be like asking who do you love more, your mother or your father. But still…  if someone asked me…I would have to say that Bon was an amazing frontman and that the five years he gave us were magical. But they both rock : )

There was a huge train on stage, accompanied with two giant caps with devil’s horns on the stage roof, which synchronized with the miniature versions on thousands of heads in the audience. This was my fifth AC/DC concert to date. This gig took place at Stockholm Stadion. And I can tell you, they have yet to disappoint. I just loooove Oisay Dayse.

Anybody else seen them live?

One Response to “BACK IN BLACK”

  1. Theresa Says:

    If I recall, I think I saw them with you at Irvine Meadows? :)


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